What are 3 signs of a phishing email?

Answered by Robert Dupre

Here are three signs to look out for in a phishing email:

1. Unfamiliar Greeting: Phishing emails often start with a generic or impersonal greeting like “Dear Customer” or “Hello User” instead of addressing you by your name. Legitimate businesses usually personalize their emails by using your name or username.

2. Grammar Errors and Misspelled Words: Phishing emails often contain noticeable grammar mistakes and misspelled words. This is because many phishing attempts originate from non-English speaking countries or are hastily composed. Legitimate organizations typically have better proofreading and editing processes in place.

3. Mismatched Email Addresses and Domain Names: Pay attention to the sender’s email address and the domain name in the email. Phishing emails may use deceptive email addresses that mimic the name of a legitimate company but have a different domain. For example, a phishing email pretending to be from “paypal.com” might have a sender’s email address like “[email protected].” Be cautious if the email domain doesn’t match the official website of the organization it claims to represent.

It’s important to note that these signs alone are not definitive proof of a phishing email, but they should raise red flags and prompt further investigation. Always exercise caution when clicking on links, downloading attachments, or sharing personal information in emails, especially if the content seems suspicious or requests urgent action.