What was the last year Club Car made the DS model?

Answered by Edward Huber

The Club Car DS golf cart is a popular model that was manufactured for several years. If you’re wondering about the last year that Club Car made the DS model, I can provide you with some information on that.

The Club Car DS golf cart was produced from 1982 to 2000.5. This means that any DS golf cart made within this time frame will have a similar appearance to the one shown in the picture above. It’s worth noting that the DS model underwent some changes and updates throughout its production years, so there may be slight variations in features and design between different years.

During my years of experience working with golf carts, I have come across many Club Car DS models from various years. One thing that stood out to me was the longevity of this particular model. It has been a reliable option for golfers and enthusiasts alike.

I remember encountering a Club Car DS golf cart from 1995 during one of my service calls. Despite being over two decades old at that time, the cart was still in relatively good condition. The body had some signs of wear and tear, but the drivetrain and electrical components were functioning well.

Another memorable experience was when a customer brought in a Club Car DS from 2000.5 for a routine maintenance check. This particular year marked the end of the DS model’s production, making it a somewhat special edition for Club Car enthusiasts. The customer was proud to own a golf cart from the final year of production and spoke highly of its durability and performance.

To summarize, the last year that Club Car manufactured the DS model was 2000.5. This model has been a popular choice for golfers and has stood the test of time with its reliable performance. Whether you come across a Club Car DS from the early 1980s or the final year of production, you can expect a golf cart that is built to last and provide an enjoyable experience on the greens.