Can Riot ban you for smurfing?

Answered by John Hunt

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Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, takes a strict stance against smurfing and has implemented measures to discourage and penalize players who engage in this activity. Smurfing refers to experienced players creating new accounts to play against lower-skilled opponents and gain an unfair advantage.

Although smurfing is not explicitly prohibited in the League of Legends Terms of Service, Riot has taken steps to address this issue. In their Support page, Riot acknowledges that smurfing undermines the competitive integrity of the game and negatively impacts the experience of other players. They state that they have anti-smurfing measures in place to detect and penalize smurf accounts.

Riot’s exact methods for detecting smurfs are not publicly disclosed, as they aim to maintain the effectiveness of their detection systems. However, they have stated that they use various data points, such as player performance and behavior patterns, to identify potential smurf accounts. Once identified, these accounts may be subject to penalties, including permanent bans.

It’s important to note that while Riot discourages smurfing, not all players who create alternate accounts are necessarily smurfs. Some players may create secondary accounts for legitimate reasons, such as wanting to play with friends at a lower skill level or practicing different roles or champions. As long as these players are not intentionally exploiting the matchmaking system to gain an unfair advantage, they are unlikely to face penalties.

In the past, Riot has taken action against professional players or high-profile individuals who were found to be smurfing. In some cases, these players have been temporarily banned, fined, or excluded from tournaments. This demonstrates Riot’s commitment to maintaining a fair and competitive environment within the game.

While Riot’s anti-smurfing measures aim to discourage and penalize smurf accounts, the effectiveness of these measures can vary. Some smurf accounts may go undetected, especially if the player takes measures to conceal their true skill level. However, it’s important to note that intentionally smurfing is against the spirit of fair play and can harm the overall experience for other players.

Smurfing is not allowed in League of Legends, and Riot Games has implemented anti-smurfing measures to detect and penalize players who engage in this activity. While the exact methods used to detect smurfs are not disclosed, players who are found to be smurfing risk facing penalties, including permanent bans from the game and exclusion from tournaments. It’s important for players to respect the competitive integrity of the game and play fair.