What was Shigaraki’s dad’s quirk?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Shigaraki’s dad’s Quirk is called Decay. This Quirk is a powerful ability that allows Shigaraki, also known as Tomura, to disintegrate anything he touches with his hands. It is an incredibly destructive Quirk that can cause immense damage to both organic and inorganic matter.

One of the most notable aspects of Decay is its reliability. Tomura’s Quirk works without fail, meaning that whatever he touches will inevitably decay and disintegrate. This makes him a formidable opponent, as his ability can easily destroy objects, structures, and even living beings.

The disintegration caused by Decay is not limited to just the point of contact. Once Tomura touches something, the decay will spread throughout the entire body unless the victim amputates the decaying body part. This was demonstrated when Tomura disintegrated Chisaki’s arm, and the decay quickly spread to the rest of his body until he amputated his own arm to stop it.

Decay’s potency and destructive nature make it a dangerous Quirk in the hands of someone like Tomura. With just a touch, he can destroy anything in his path, making him a force to be reckoned with. This power has allowed him to become a prominent figure within the League of Villains and a major antagonist in the My Hero Academia series.

Shigaraki’s dad’s Quirk, Decay, grants him the ability to disintegrate anything he touches with his hands. This destructive power spreads throughout the entire body if not stopped, making it a formidable Quirk in both combat and destruction.