What order do you read the Royal Ranger?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

When it comes to reading the Ranger’s Apprentice series, it’s important to follow the chronological order of the books to fully understand and appreciate the story. The Royal Ranger is actually the eleventh book in the series, so it’s crucial to read the previous books before diving into it.

To start off, the first book in the series is called The Ruins of Gorlan. This is where the adventure begins as we are introduced to the main character, Will, and his training as a ranger. It sets the foundation for the rest of the series and introduces us to the world of Araluen.

After The Ruins of Gorlan, you should move on to The Burning Bridge. This book continues Will’s journey as a ranger and delves deeper into the conflicts and challenges he faces.

Next up is The Icebound Land, which takes us to the frozen lands of Skandia. It explores new territories and tests Will’s skills and resilience.

Following The Icebound Land is The Battle for Skandia, which as the title suggests, is a book filled with intense battles and strategic warfare. Will’s abilities as a ranger are put to the test as he fights alongside his allies.

The Sorcerer of the North is the fifth book in the series and takes a slightly different turn, introducing magical elements and mystical creatures. It adds a new layer to the story and expands the world of Araluen.

Continuing with the series, we have The Siege of Macindaw, which brings us back to more familiar territories and focuses on the challenges faced by Will and his friends in defending a besieged castle.

Erak’s Ransom is the seventh book and takes us on a thrilling adventure as Will and his friends embark on a dangerous mission to rescue a captured Skandian leader. This book further develops the characters and their relationships.

Moving on, we have The Kings of Clonmel, which explores political intrigues and power struggles. It delves into the realm of politics and tests Will’s abilities as a ranger.

Halt’s Peril is the ninth book in the series and is filled with high-stakes situations and suspense. Will and Halt, his mentor, find themselves in a perilous situation, and their survival depends on their skills and resourcefulness.

Next in line is The Emperor of Nihon-Ja, which takes a detour from the usual setting and takes us to the distant land of Nihon-Ja. It explores different cultures and traditions and presents new challenges for Will and his friends.

We come to The Royal Ranger, which is the eleventh book in the series. It picks up after the events of The Emperor of Nihon-Ja and follows Will as he takes on the role of a mentor to a new generation of rangers. This book brings the series full circle and provides a satisfying conclusion to Will’s story.

So, to read the Royal Ranger and fully enjoy the series, it’s important to start from the beginning with The Ruins of Gorlan and continue in chronological order. Each book builds upon the previous one, and the character development and storyline flow seamlessly from one book to the next. Happy reading!