What should you not wear with big shoulders?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

When it comes to dressing to minimize the appearance of big shoulders, there are certain styles and clothing items that you should avoid. One important thing to keep in mind is to avoid anything that adds extra bulk or width to your shoulders.

Firstly, it’s best to steer clear of any clothing with puff sleeves. Puff sleeves tend to add volume to the upper part of your arms and shoulders, which can make them look even bigger. Instead, opt for sleeves that are more fitted or have a slight taper.

Similarly, cap sleeves are not ideal for those with big shoulders. Cap sleeves tend to hit right at the widest part of your shoulders, drawing attention to that area and making them appear larger. It’s better to choose sleeves that are a bit longer and cover a larger portion of your upper arm.

Another style to avoid is anything with shoulder pads. While shoulder pads were popular in the past and intended to create a strong, structured shoulder line, they can have the opposite effect for those with already broad shoulders. Shoulder pads can make your shoulders look even wider and bulkier, so it’s best to skip them altogether.

In terms of specific clothing items, it’s recommended to avoid tops or dresses with ruffles or embellishments around the shoulders. These details can add extra volume and draw attention to your shoulders, making them appear larger. Instead, opt for clean and simple silhouettes that don’t have too much going on around the shoulder area.

When it comes to jackets and blazers, avoid styles with strong shoulder pads or structured shoulders. These can accentuate the width of your shoulders, so it’s better to choose jackets with softer shoulders or no shoulder pads at all. Additionally, avoid jackets that end right at your shoulder line, as this can create a horizontal line that emphasizes the width. Instead, opt for jackets that hit slightly below your shoulders to create a more balanced look.

When dressing to minimize the appearance of big shoulders, it’s best to avoid anything that adds extra bulk or width. Steer clear of puff sleeves, cap sleeves, and shoulder pads, as these can all make your shoulders look larger. Additionally, avoid ruffles and embellishments around the shoulder area, and opt for clean and simple silhouettes. By choosing the right styles and clothing items, you can create a more balanced and proportionate look for your shoulders.