What reason did O Sullivan give?

Answered by Jason Smith

O’Sullivan provided several reasons for his support of the annexation of Texas into the United States. The main reason he gave was the concept of “manifest destiny.” He believed that it was the destiny of the American people to expand and settle the entire North American continent.

O’Sullivan argued that it was the right of Americans to spread their values, institutions, and way of life across the continent. He saw it as a divine mission, as he mentioned that it was allotted by Providence, which means he believed it was God’s will for Americans to expand their territory.

The idea of manifest destiny was not unique to O’Sullivan. It was a popular belief among many Americans during the 19th century. The concept was fueled by a combination of factors, including a sense of national pride, a desire for economic growth, and a belief in the superiority of American civilization.

O’Sullivan also emphasized the potential benefits of annexing Texas. He argued that it would provide opportunities for the free development of the American people and their “yearly multiplying millions.” By adding Texas to the United States, O’Sullivan believed that Americans would have more land for settlement and economic expansion.

Additionally, O’Sullivan saw the annexation of Texas as a way to strengthen the United States both politically and militarily. He believed that by incorporating Texas, the United States would have a stronger presence in the region and be better able to protect its interests. This was particularly important during a time when tensions were rising with Mexico, which still claimed Texas as its own territory.

O’Sullivan’s arguments for annexation were not without controversy. Many people, both in the United States and abroad, criticized the idea of manifest destiny as a justification for territorial expansion. They saw it as a form of imperialism and questioned whether it was morally right to take land from other nations.

Furthermore, the annexation of Texas was a contentious issue in itself. It sparked debate over the expansion of slavery, as Texas was a slave-holding territory. The annexation of Texas ultimately led to the Mexican-American War and further fueled tensions between the North and South, ultimately contributing to the outbreak of the American Civil War.

O’Sullivan’s main reason for supporting the annexation of Texas was the belief in manifest destiny. He saw it as the divine mission of the American people to expand across the continent and viewed the incorporation of Texas as a step towards fulfilling that destiny. However, his arguments were not without controversy and had significant consequences for the United States.