Is the endless quiver endless?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

The Endless Quiver is a unique item in the game that provides the player with an infinite supply of arrows. However, despite its name, the Endless Quiver is not truly “endless” in the sense that it does not have an infinite number of arrows displayed in the player’s inventory.

When you equip the Endless Quiver, it only counts as one arrow in the ammo count on your weapon. This means that if you have other types of arrows in your inventory, the Endless Quiver will appear as just one arrow, similar to other stackable items in the game. So, even if you have hundreds or even thousands of arrows in the Endless Quiver, it will only be represented by a single icon in your hotbar.

It’s important to note that this feature is purely cosmetic and does not affect the functionality of the Endless Quiver. Regardless of the ammo count displayed, the Endless Quiver will continue to provide an infinite supply of arrows for you to use in combat. This makes it a very convenient and powerful tool, especially for players who heavily rely on ranged attacks.

The decision to represent the Endless Quiver as a single arrow in the inventory is likely a design choice made by the game developers to avoid cluttering the interface with an excessively high ammo count. Imagine if the game had to display an actual infinity symbol for the Endless Quiver’s ammo count. It would not only be visually overwhelming but also unnecessary since the player already knows that the quiver provides an infinite supply of arrows.

In my personal experience, the Endless Quiver has been a game-changer when it comes to ranged combat. It eliminates the need to constantly craft or purchase arrows, saving both time and resources. It also gives me the confidence to engage in prolonged battles without worrying about running out of ammunition. Whether I’m sniping enemies from a distance or rapidly firing arrows in close quarters, the Endless Quiver has never let me down.

To summarize, while the Endless Quiver does not display an infinite ammo count in the player’s inventory, it does provide an unlimited supply of arrows. Its functionality remains unaffected, allowing players to enjoy the convenience and power of having an infinite source of ammunition.