Why is it called 1792 Bourbon?

Answered by Willie Powers

Well, let me tell you, the story behind the name 1792 Bourbon is quite fascinating. As I mentioned earlier, 1792 holds a significant place in Kentucky’s history. It was on June 15, 1792, that Kentucky officially became a state, gaining recognition as a separate entity from Virginia. This date marked a milestone in the development of the region and set the stage for the birth of bourbon.

Now, when it comes to bourbon, Kentucky is undeniably the birthplace of this beloved American spirit. The state’s unique climate, limestone-rich water, and abundance of corn make it the perfect place for producing bourbon. The history of bourbon in Kentucky dates back to the late 18th century when settlers began distilling whiskey in the region.

So, why did they choose 1792 as the name for this particular brand of bourbon? Well, it’s a clever nod to the historical significance of that year and pays homage to Kentucky’s role in the bourbon industry. By naming their bourbon 1792, the creators are highlighting the deep roots and rich heritage of this spirit in the state.

But there’s more to the story than just the name. 1792 Bourbon is produced by Barton 1792 Distillery, located in Bardstown, Kentucky. This distillery has a long and storied history, dating back to 1879 when it was established by the Tom Moore family. Over the years, the distillery has changed hands and undergone various renovations and expansions, but its commitment to producing high-quality bourbon has remained steadfast.

What sets 1792 Bourbon apart from others is its attention to craftsmanship and traditional distillation methods. The bourbon is made using a mash bill that consists of primarily corn, along with a combination of other grains. It is then aged in new charred oak barrels, allowing the flavors to develop and mature over time. This aging process imparts a rich, smooth, and complex character to the bourbon.

With its distinctive flavor profile and historical significance, 1792 Bourbon has garnered a loyal following among bourbon enthusiasts. It has become known for its smoothness, with notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak, making it a favorite choice for sipping neat or enjoying in classic bourbon cocktails.

The name 1792 Bourbon pays tribute to the year Kentucky became a state and recognizes the state’s pivotal role in the bourbon industry. It is a brand that embraces tradition, craftsmanship, and the rich history of bourbon-making in Kentucky. So, the next time you see a bottle of 1792 Bourbon, you can appreciate not only the delicious spirit within but also the story behind its name. Cheers!