What Pokemon is Dagero looking for?

Answered by Robert Flynn

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Dagero, a resident of Jubilife Village, provides various requests or missions to the player. One of the missions given by Dagero is titled “The Pokemon in the River Photo.” By completing this mission, the player is rewarded with a new option that is added to the photography studio. Let’s delve into more detail about the specific Pokemon Dagero is looking for in this particular mission.

Dagero’s request revolves around capturing a photo of a Pokemon found in the river. While the exact Pokemon species is not explicitly mentioned, we can infer that it is a water-type Pokemon due to its habitat in the river. However, it’s worth mentioning that the specific Pokemon may vary depending on the player’s progression in the game and the available Pokemon in the region.

To fulfill Dagero’s request, the player needs to explore the area surrounding the river and observe the various Pokemon that inhabit it. It is essential to pay attention to the visual cues provided in the game, such as the appearance, behavior, and characteristics of the Pokemon in the river. By carefully observing these aspects, players can identify the specific Pokemon that Dagero is looking for.

Since the game offers a vast array of water-type Pokemon, it becomes an exciting challenge for players to discover the one that matches Dagero’s request. This aspect adds a layer of exploration and adventure to the gameplay, as players need to immerse themselves in the virtual world and interact with the environment to identify the target Pokemon.

In my personal experience with similar quests in Pokemon games, such as Pokemon Snap, the process of identifying and capturing specific Pokemon in their natural habitat can be quite engaging. It requires patience, attention to detail, and a keen eye for spotting unique Pokemon behaviors or appearances. Often, these quests provide an opportunity to discover rare or elusive Pokemon that may not be easily encountered in other parts of the game.

To assist players in completing Dagero’s request, the game may provide subtle hints or clues about the target Pokemon’s appearance or behavior. It is crucial to thoroughly explore the river area, use the available tools or abilities, and interact with the Pokemon in the vicinity to increase the chances of identifying the desired Pokemon.

While the exact Pokemon species that Dagero is looking for in the river may vary, the mission offers an exciting challenge for players to showcase their photography skills and observation abilities. By carefully exploring and interacting with the river’s surroundings, players can capture the perfect photo and unlock a new option in the photography studio as a reward for their efforts.