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Honedge is a unique and intriguing Pokemon that made its debut in the sixth generation of the Pokemon series. This Steel/Ghost type Pokemon resembles a sentient sword and has quickly become a fan favorite. Many trainers are eager to add this formidable Pokemon to their team, but the question remains: at what level does Honedge evolve?

Evolution is a crucial aspect of the Pokemon world, and Honedge is no exception. To begin the evolution process, trainers must level up their Honedge to a specific point. Unlike some Pokemon that require special conditions or items for evolution, Honedge simply requires a certain level to evolve.

The initial evolution of Honedge occurs at level 35, where it transforms into Doublade. Doublade is a dual-wielding Pokemon that possesses a pair of swords, making it an even more formidable opponent. This evolution is relatively straightforward and does not require any additional items or conditions.

However, the evolution chain does not stop there. To further evolve Doublade into its final form, Aegislash, trainers must obtain a Dusk Stone. The Dusk Stone is a special evolutionary item that triggers the transformation of Doublade into Aegislash.

Once the Dusk Stone is obtained, trainers can use it on their Doublade to initiate the evolution process. This will result in the transformation of Doublade into the powerful and formidable Aegislash. Aegislash is a Steel/Ghost type Pokemon that possesses a unique ability called Stance Change. This ability allows Aegislash to switch between its Shield Forme and Blade Forme, granting it different stat boosts and move sets.

It is worth noting that there are specific levels at which Doublade can learn important moves. Some trainers prefer to delay the evolution of Doublade until it reaches level 51, as at this level it learns the move Sacred Sword. Sacred Sword is a powerful Fighting type move that can be crucial in battles against certain opponents. Therefore, some trainers choose to wait until Doublade learns this move before evolving it into Aegislash.

In terms of finding Doublade in the wild, it is a relatively rare encounter. Serebii, a popular Pokemon resource, reports that Doublade can be found in various locations depending on the version of the game. In Pokemon Sword, Doublade can be found at Giant’s Cap, the Lake of Outrage, and Watchtower Ruins. In Pokemon Shield, it can be found at Stony Wilderness. The Lake of Outrage is particularly highlighted as one of the best spots to find Doublade, but the weather conditions must be appropriate for it to appear.

Honedge evolves into Doublade at level 35, and further evolves into Aegislash with the use of a Dusk Stone. Trainers have the option to delay the evolution of Doublade until it learns the move Sacred Sword at level 51. Doublade can be found in various locations in the wild, with the Lake of Outrage being a notable hotspot. So, trainers, prepare your team and embark on the journey to obtain this remarkable and powerful Pokemon!

At What Level Should I Evolve Doublade?

Doublade, the evolved form of Honedge, can be evolved at Level 51. It is often recommended by many trainers to wait until this level to evolve Doublade because it learns a powerful move called Sacred Sword at this stage. The move Sacred Sword is a Fighting-type move that has a base power of 90 and ignores the target’s stat changes.

By waiting until Level 51 to evolve Doublade, you ensure that it learns this strong move, which can be very useful in battles. Evolving Doublade earlier may cause you to miss out on this move, as it is not learned by Aegislash, the final evolution of Honedge.

Some advantages of evolving Doublade at Level 51 include:

1. More powerful moveset: With the addition of Sacred Sword, Doublade’s moveset becomes more versatile and capable of dealing with a wider range of opponents.
2. Competitive edge: Sacred Sword is a strong move that can give you an advantage in battles, especially against Pokémon with high defense or stat boosts.
3. Improved battle performance: Evolving Doublade at Level 51 allows it to become Aegislash sooner, which is a highly formidable Pokémon in terms of both offense and defense.
4. Evolutionary benefits: Evolving Doublade unlocks Aegislash’s full potential, including its unique Stance Change ability, which allows it to switch between Shield Forme and Blade Forme during battle.

Evolving Doublade at Level 51 is recommended by many trainers because it allows it to learn the powerful move Sacred Sword. This can greatly enhance its battle performance and increase its competitive edge.

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How Do You Evolve Honedge To Doublade?

To evolve Honedge into Doublade, players need to follow these steps:

1. Level up Honedge to level 35.
2. Once Honedge reaches level 35, it will automatically evolve into Doublade.

That’s it! Just by leveling up Honedge to level 35, it will evolve into Doublade.

What Is The Best Level To Evolve Doublade Into Aegislash?

The best level to evolve Doublade into Aegislash would be at Level 45 or Level 51. At Level 45, Doublade learns the move Iron Head, which is a Steel-type move that can be quite useful in battles. This move has a high chance of causing the opponent to flinch, giving you an advantage in battle.

On the other hand, at Level 51, Doublade learns the move Sacred Sword. Sacred Sword is a powerful Fighting-type move that ignores the opponent’s stat changes, making it a great move to have in your Aegislash’s arsenal. This move can deal significant damage to a wide range of opponents, making it a valuable addition to Aegislash’s moveset.

Both Iron Head at Level 45 and Sacred Sword at Level 51 are excellent moves for Aegislash. The decision of when to evolve Doublade into Aegislash ultimately depends on your battle strategy and the moveset you desire for your Aegislash.

Is A Doublade Rare?

Doublade is considered to be a rare Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield. It is not commonly found in the wild and requires some specific conditions to encounter it. According to information from Serebii, Doublade can be found in several locations, but its appearance rate is relatively low compared to other Pokémon.

In Pokémon Sword, Doublade can be found at Giant’s Cap, the Lake of Outrage, and Watchtower Ruins. However, it is important to note that in order to increase your chances of encountering Doublade, you should try to visit the Lake of Outrage, which is reported to be one of the best spots to find it. Keep in mind that the weather in this area needs to be favorable for Doublade to appear.

In Pokémon Shield, Doublade can be found in the Stony Wilderness. Again, the encounter rate for Doublade is relatively low in this location, so patience and persistence may be required to find it.

Doublade is indeed considered a rare Pokémon in both Pokémon Sword and Shield. It can be found in specific locations, but the encounter rate is low, and you may need to visit certain areas or wait for specific weather conditions to increase your chances of finding one.


Honedge is a unique and intriguing Pokemon that evolves into the powerful Aegislash. With its ghost and steel typing, Honedge possesses a range of strengths and abilities that make it a formidable opponent in battle. Its sword-like appearance and the ability to possess its trainer’s spirit add an interesting twist to its character.

To evolve Honedge into Doublade, players need only level it up to level 35. However, evolving Doublade into Aegislash requires a Dusk Stone, which can be a bit more challenging to obtain. Once evolved, Aegislash gains access to powerful moves like Iron Head and Sacred Sword, making it an even more formidable force on the battlefield.

Finding a Doublade in the wild can be a bit of a challenge, but locations like Giant’s Cap, the Lake of Outrage, Watchtower Ruins (in Sword), and Stony Wilderness (in Shield) offer the best chances of encountering one. It’s important to note that in order to find Doublade in the Lake of Outrage, players will need to ensure that the weather conditions are right.

Honedge is a fascinating Pokemon that offers a unique battle experience. Its evolutions, Doublade and Aegislash, bring even more power and versatility to the table. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting your journey in the Galar region, adding Honedge to your team is sure to be a wise choice.

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