What is watching in Trello?

Answered by Edward Huber

Watching in Trello is a feature that allows users to receive notifications when changes are made to a card, list, or board. This feature is particularly useful for staying updated on the progress and activities related to a specific card or board.

When you watch a card, you will receive notifications for a variety of events. First and foremost, you will be notified of any comments that are added to the card. This is especially helpful for staying informed about discussions and updates related to the card’s content. Whether it’s a teammate asking a question or providing an update, you will be alerted and can quickly respond or take necessary actions.

Additionally, watching a card enables you to receive notifications for any changes made to the due dates. If someone adds, modifies, or removes a due date for the card, you will be notified. This is particularly beneficial when working in a team, as it ensures that everyone is aware of any changes to deadlines and can adjust their work accordingly.

Furthermore, watching a card allows you to receive notifications for upcoming due dates. This means that you will be alerted in advance when a due date is approaching. This feature helps you stay on top of your tasks and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Watching a card is not limited to just comments and due dates. You will also be notified of any other updates or changes made to the card. This includes modifications to the card’s title, description, labels, attachments, or any other attributes. By watching a card, you can stay informed about every aspect of its progress and development.

In addition to watching individual cards, you can also watch entire lists or boards. When you watch a list, you will receive notifications for any changes made to the cards within that list. Similarly, watching a board will notify you of any changes made to cards or lists within that board.

Watching in Trello is a powerful feature that helps you stay connected and informed about the activities happening within your boards and cards. By receiving notifications for comments, due dates, and other updates, you can effectively collaborate with your team and track the progress of your projects.