How long does a mini-golf game take?

Answered by John Hunt

Well, let me tell you about my experience playing mini-golf and how long it took. I went with a group of four friends on a Saturday afternoon. We arrived at the mini-golf course and there were a few other groups ahead of us, so we had to wait for our turn to start.

Once it was our turn, we each grabbed a putter and a ball and headed to the first hole. We took turns playing, with one person going at a time. The course had 18 holes, and each hole had different obstacles and challenges to navigate.

As we played, we chatted and laughed, enjoying the friendly competition between us. Some holes were easier than others, and there were a few moments where we had to try multiple times to get the ball into the hole. But overall, it was a fun and relaxing experience.

We finished the first nine holes in about 30 minutes. We took a short break to grab some snacks and drinks from the nearby concession stand. Then, we continued on to the next nine holes. This set took us a little longer, as we were getting a bit tired and our focus started to waver. We finished the entire course in about another 30 minutes.

So, in total, it took us about an hour to complete a round of mini-golf. Keep in mind that this time can vary depending on the size of your group and how busy the course is. If there are more groups ahead of you, you might have to wait longer between holes, which can add to the total time.

Playing mini-golf is a fun and enjoyable activity that doesn’t take too long. It’s a great way to spend time with friends or family, and it provides a nice break from everyday routines. So, grab a putter, pick a colorful ball, and get ready to have some mini-golf fun!