What does a Kraken want?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

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The Kraken, a legendary sea creature often depicted as a giant squid or octopus, possesses certain characteristics that can help us understand what it wants. While the Kraken’s motivations can vary depending on the context and mythology, we can make some assumptions based on its nature as a sea-dwelling creature.

1. Survival: Like any living being, the Kraken’s primary goal is likely survival. It wants to stay alive and protect itself from threats. This instinct for self-preservation is common across many species.

2. Dominance and Territory: The Kraken is often portrayed as a powerful and territorial creature. It wants to establish dominance over its territory, which is usually its lair or a specific area in the depths of the sea. This desire for dominance could stem from the need to secure resources, mates, or protection.

3. Protection of Offspring: In some myths, the Kraken is said to lay eggs or have young ones. If this is the case, it is likely that the Kraken wants to protect its offspring, ensuring their survival and continuation of its species.

4. Prey and Feeding: The Kraken, being a massive creature, requires sustenance to survive. It likely wants to find and capture prey to feed upon. Its lair, often depicted as a deep underwater cave, can serve as an ideal hunting ground where it can ambush unsuspecting creatures.

5. Avoiding Threats: While the Kraken is often considered a fearsome predator, it also faces threats from other creatures or forces. It may want to avoid encountering larger predators or potential dangers that could pose a risk to its survival. In this sense, the Kraken may prefer to remain within the safety of its lair rather than venturing out into open waters.

It’s important to note that the desires and motivations of the Kraken may differ depending on the specific myth or story in which it appears. Different cultures and interpretations may attribute different characteristics and goals to this legendary creature. So, the exact desires of a Kraken can vary based on the mythology or context in which it is portrayed.

While the Kraken’s primary goal is survival, it also seeks dominance over its territory, protection of its offspring, prey for sustenance, and avoidance of threats. Understanding these motivations can help us grasp the essence of what a Kraken wants in various mythological narratives.