What is the best nature for Carracosta?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

When it comes to determining the best nature for Carracosta, there are a few factors to consider. The two most commonly used natures for Carracosta are Adamant and Jolly. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Adamant nature boosts Carracosta’s Attack stat while lowering its Special Attack stat. This nature is often preferred because Carracosta’s base Attack stat is higher than its Special Attack, and it is primarily used as a physical attacker. With an Adamant nature, Carracosta can hit harder with its physical moves such as Aqua Jet, Stone Edge, and Liquidation. Additionally, the lowered Special Attack stat is usually not significant for Carracosta since it primarily relies on its physical moves.

However, it’s worth noting that the Speed stat of Carracosta is rather average, with a base speed of 58. This means that even with a positive nature, Carracosta won’t outspeed many opponents without a Speed boost. This is where the EV spread comes into play. By investing EVs in Speed, Carracosta can outspeed certain threats after a Shell Smash boost.

The EV spread with an Adamant nature allows Carracosta to outspeed neutral base 98 Speed Pokemon, such as Swanna and Basculin, after a Shell Smash boost. This gives Carracosta an advantage in speed against these opponents, allowing it to potentially KO them before they can attack. This can be particularly useful in certain situations where speed is crucial.

On the other hand, a Jolly nature can also be considered for Carracosta. A Jolly nature boosts Carracosta’s Speed stat while lowering its Special Attack stat. This can be useful if you want Carracosta to outspeed faster opponents even without a Shell Smash boost. With a Jolly nature, Carracosta can outspeed base 113 Pokemon and below, such as Serperior, once it’s at +2. This can give Carracosta an edge in speed against a wider range of threats.

Ultimately, the choice between an Adamant and Jolly nature for Carracosta depends on your team composition and the specific threats you want Carracosta to handle. If you want Carracosta to hit harder with its physical moves and only need to outspeed specific targets after a Shell Smash boost, then an Adamant nature is recommended. However, if you want Carracosta to have a higher base speed and potentially outspeed a wider range of opponents even without a Shell Smash boost, then a Jolly nature may be the better option.

It’s important to consider the overall strategy and role of Carracosta on your team when deciding on its nature. Additionally, testing different natures and EV spreads in battles can help you determine which one suits your play style and team composition the best.