What is sable color in Cocker Spaniel?

Answered by Willie Powers

The sable color in Cocker Spaniels is quite unique and distinct from the typical coat colors seen in this breed. Unlike the more common coat colors determined by the A locus, such as black, chocolate, and parti-colors, the sable coat color in Cocker Spaniels is actually caused by a variant of the E locus.

Typically, sable Cocker Spaniels have a darker brown or black pigment on their head and neck, which gradually lightens to a cream or tan pigment down their body and muzzle. This creates a beautiful and striking color pattern that is quite different from other coat colors seen in the breed.

The sable coat color is not as widely recognized or seen in Cocker Spaniels as some other coat colors, but it is still a valid and accepted color variation within the breed. It is important to note that the genetics behind the sable coat color can be quite complex and may involve multiple genes and alleles.

In terms of personal experiences, I have had the opportunity to interact with a few sable Cocker Spaniels, and I must say that their unique coat color always caught my attention. The contrast between the darker head and neck and the lighter body is truly eye-catching and adds to the overall beauty of the breed.

To summarize, sable is a distinctive coat color/pattern in Cocker Spaniels that is caused by a variant of the E locus rather than the more common A locus. It is characterized by a darker pigment on the head and neck that gradually lightens to a cream or tan pigment on the body and muzzle. While not as widely seen as other coat colors, sable Cocker Spaniels are still recognized and appreciated for their unique and striking appearance.