What are all the secret rooms in Granny?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Here’s a detailed answer about all the secret rooms in the game Granny:

1. Secret Area Top Floor: This room is located on the top floor of the house. To access it, you need to find a special key that unlocks the door leading to the secret area. Inside, you’ll find a small room with various items and clues that can help you in your escape.

2. Secret Area Entrance: This room is the entrance to the secret area. It is connected to the Top Floor secret area and serves as a transition point between the main house and the hidden rooms. You can find useful items and tools here, such as the winch handle.

3. Secret Area Middle Floor: Continuing down from the entrance, you’ll come across the middle floor secret area. This room is larger than the previous ones and contains various objects, including a safe and a ventilation system that can be used to hide or access other areas of the house.

4. Hidden Closet: This secret room is located behind a bookshelf in one of the main rooms in the house. To access it, you’ll need to find a hidden lever or button that opens the bookshelf, revealing a hidden passage. Inside the hidden closet, you may find useful items or a way to escape.

5. Secret Area Bottom Floor: This room is located on the bottom floor of the house. It is accessed through a hidden door or passage, which can be quite challenging to find. Once inside, you’ll discover a maze-like area with various traps and obstacles. Navigating through this area can lead you to valuable items or an alternative escape route.

6. Meat Room: The meat room is a secret chamber located in the basement. It is accessible through a hidden passage or trapdoor. Inside, you’ll find hanging meat and other gruesome objects. This room may not directly help you escape but can provide clues or serve as a hiding spot from Granny.

It’s worth noting that the locations and contents of these secret rooms may vary in different versions of the game. Exploring the house thoroughly and paying attention to details is key to finding and utilizing these hidden areas effectively. Good luck in your escape from Granny’s house!