What happened to the dog in John Wick 3?

Answered by Michael Wilson

In John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, there is a heartwrenching scene where John bids farewell to his beloved pet pitbull. This scene indicates that the dog will be staying with Charon at The Continental. The clip confirms that nothing bad will happen to the dog, providing some relief for fans who were worried about its fate.

The relationship between John Wick and his dog has been a significant aspect of the John Wick film series. In the first film, John’s wife gives him a puppy named Daisy as a final gift before her death. Daisy becomes a symbol of hope and solace for John, helping him to cope with his grief. However, when a group of thugs break into John’s house, they kill Daisy, triggering John’s path of revenge and violence.

Since then, the dog has become an integral part of John Wick’s character. In John Wick: Chapter 2, he adopts a pitbull and names him Dog. This dog quickly forms a bond with John, providing him with companionship and loyalty throughout his dangerous journey. Fans of the series have grown attached to the dog, fearing for its safety in each installment.

In the clip from John Wick: Chapter 3, John shares an emotional moment with his pitbull before parting ways. He assures the dog that it will be safe with Charon at The Continental. This scene suggests that the dog will not be in immediate danger and will be well taken care of while John deals with the chaos that ensues in the film.

This confirmation that nothing bad will happen to the dog provides some relief for viewers. The filmmakers understand the emotional connection fans have developed with the dog and likely wanted to alleviate any concerns about its fate. By showing that the dog will be under the protection of Charon, a trusted character in the John Wick universe, they assure the audience that it will remain unharmed.

The decision to include a scene specifically addressing the dog’s safety demonstrates the filmmakers’ understanding of the impact this character has had on the audience. It shows their commitment to honoring the bond between John Wick and his pets, portraying a sense of responsibility and care for the animals’ well-being.

The clip from John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum confirms that nothing bad will happen to John’s beloved pet pitbull. This assurance is a relief for fans who have grown attached to the dog throughout the series. By addressing the dog’s safety in the film, the filmmakers acknowledge the emotional connection viewers have with this character and demonstrate their commitment to honoring that bond.