What happened to Trevor’s dad GTA?

Answered by Edward Huber

In Grand Theft Auto V, Trevor’s dad, Ryan, is mentioned briefly in a conversation between Trevor and Graham. It is revealed that Ryan has passed away prior to the events of the game. Unfortunately, not much is known about Ryan’s background or the circumstances surrounding his death.

During the conversation, Trevor mentions that Graham reminds him of Ryan. However, Trevor also admits that he “wasn’t that fond” of his dad. This suggests that Trevor and Ryan may not have had the best relationship. The exact reasons for this animosity are not elaborated upon, leaving us to speculate.

Trevor also reveals that Ryan’s death was an accident. The details surrounding the accident are not provided, leaving it open to interpretation. It is unclear whether Trevor was directly involved in the accident or if it was simply a tragic event that occurred in Ryan’s life.

Given the limited information available, it is difficult to piece together a comprehensive understanding of what happened to Trevor’s dad, Ryan. The lack of details can leave players with a sense of curiosity and intrigue about Trevor’s past and his relationship with his father.

It is worth noting that Grand Theft Auto V primarily focuses on the criminal activities and adventures of its main characters, rather than delving deep into their personal histories. The game’s narrative is more centered around the present circumstances and actions of the characters, rather than their pasts.

Trevor’s dad, Ryan, is mentioned briefly in a conversation, but little is known about him or the circumstances surrounding his death. Trevor expresses mixed feelings about his father, mentioning that he wasn’t fond of him and that his death was an accident. The lack of information adds a layer of mystery to Trevor’s past and leaves players wanting to know more about his relationship with his dad.