What happened to the baby in the Addams Family?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

In the Addams Family, the baby, Pubert, goes through quite an interesting and eventful journey. After being kidnapped by Debbie, the conniving nanny, Pubert’s family goes on a mission to rescue him and bring their family back together.

Fortunately, Pubert is eventually rescued by his siblings, Wednesday and Pugsley, who manage to outsmart Debbie and bring him back home. Once the family is reunited, Pubert returns to his normal self, ready for more misadventures with his eccentric and macabre family.

However, things take an unexpected turn when Pubert, being the mischievous little one that he is, decides to sneak out of his crib using the knife mobile. This contraption propels him into the air, reminiscent of a roller coaster ride gone wrong. As he soars through the air, a bowling ball comes out of nowhere and knocks him off course, causing him to plummet down into the depths of the Addams Family basement.

Unbeknownst to Pubert, his arrival in the basement coincides with a dangerous situation involving his family. Debbie, the devious nanny, has set up a diabolical plan to electrocute the entire Addams Family. She is in the middle of connecting two cords, aiming to unleash a deadly surge of electricity upon the unsuspecting family members.

But fate has a different plan in store. As Pubert lands in the basement, he stumbles upon the cords that Debbie has connected. Acting on pure instinct, he quickly rearranges the cords, unknowingly altering the course of events. In a twist of fate, the lethal surge of electricity meant for his family instead courses through Debbie’s body.

The shock of the electrocution causes Debbie to convulse and ultimately meet her demise. Pubert, still blissfully unaware of the chaos he has inadvertently caused, innocently looks on as the danger subsides. His family, saved by his unwitting intervention, gathers around him, relieved and grateful to have their youngest member back unharmed.

Pubert’s journey in the Addams Family takes him from being kidnapped to being the accidental hero who saves his family from a perilous situation. Despite his young age, Pubert proves that even the smallest member of the family can play a significant role in their peculiar and unconventional lives.