How do you cut something out of a picture on iPhone?

Answered by Tom Adger

To cut out an object from a picture on an iPhone, you can use the built-in editing tools available in apps such as Photos or Messages. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you:

1. Open the image you want to edit in the Photos app or any other supported app like Messages.

2. Once the image is open, locate the object or objects you want to cut out. It could be a person, an item, or any other element within the picture.

3. Touch and hold the object or objects you want to cut out. As you do this, you’ll notice a glowing line or outline appearing around the subject(s). It’s important to maintain the touch and hold gesture throughout the process.

4. While still holding the object, start dragging it away from its original position. As you do this, you’ll notice the cutout shrinking and moving along with your finger. This step helps isolate the object from the rest of the picture.

5. Continue dragging until the cutout is complete, and you are satisfied with the result. You can adjust the size of the cutout by dragging it closer or farther from its original position.

6. Once you have the desired cutout, you can release your finger. The cutout will now be separated from the background of the image.

7. At this point, you can either remove the background entirely or place the cutout on a different background. The process may vary depending on the app you are using, but most editing apps provide options to remove or change the background.

8. If you want to remove the background, you can use the eraser tool or any other similar feature available in the editing app. Carefully erase the unwanted parts of the image to create a clean cutout.

9. If you want to place the cutout on a new background, you can either select a pre-existing background provided by the app or choose an image from your photo library. Position the cutout on the new background as desired.

10. Once you are satisfied with the edited image, you can save it or share it with others directly from the editing app.

Remember that the steps mentioned above may vary slightly depending on the app you are using for editing. However, the general concept of touching and dragging to isolate the object and then modifying the background remains the same.

I hope this detailed guide helps you cut out objects from pictures on your iPhone. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to ask!