How do you use guests in a sentence?

Answered by John Hunt

Here’s an example of how to use the word “guests” in a sentence:

1. Our guests should be arriving soon. (Here, “guests” refers to the individuals who have been invited to an event or gathering. It implies that the speaker is hosting an event and is expecting the arrival of their invited guests.)

2. Only invited guests are allowed inside the banquet hall. (In this sentence, “guests” emphasizes that only those who have received an invitation are permitted to enter the banquet hall. It suggests that there are restrictions in place to ensure the exclusivity of the event.)

3. He played at the country club as a guest of one of the members. (This sentence indicates that “he” was granted access to the country club as a visitor or temporary member, accompanied by one of the existing members. It suggests that the person was not a permanent member but was allowed to enjoy the privileges of membership temporarily.)

These examples showcase different contexts in which the word “guests” can be used. It can refer to individuals invited to an event, exclusive access granted to specific people, or temporary visitors who are accompanied by existing members.