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Annie Leonhart, one of the central characters in the popular anime series Attack on Titan, has made a highly anticipated return in the most recent episode. The reappearance of Annie has generated a wave of excitement and speculation among fans, who have been eagerly waiting to see what role she will play in the ongoing story.

To understand the significance of Annie’s return, it’s important to delve into her backstory. In the earlier seasons of Attack on Titan, Annie was introduced as a member of the Survey Corps, a group of soldiers tasked with protecting humanity from the Titans, giant humanoid creatures that devour humans. However, it was later revealed that Annie was also a Titan shifter, capable of transforming into a powerful Female Titan.

Annie’s transformation into the Female Titan was a pivotal moment in the series, as it marked a turning point in the battle between the Titans and humanity. Her incredible strength and combat skills posed a significant threat to the protagonists, and she became a formidable opponent for the Survey Corps.

In a desperate attempt to stop Annie and uncover the truth about the Titans, the Survey Corps engaged in a fierce battle with her. Led by Eren Yeager, the main protagonist of the series, the team showcased their exceptional teamwork and strategic prowess. Despite Annie’s formidable abilities, she was ultimately defeated and encased herself in a crystal-like substance known as Titan hardening to avoid interrogation or torture.

For several seasons, Annie’s crystallized body remained hidden in a basement, collecting dust and leaving fans wondering about her fate. However, her reappearance in the recent episode has shed light on her current situation and raised intriguing questions about her motivations.

The episode revealed that Annie had been affected by Eren’s power, similar to what happened with many other characters in the series. This suggests that she may have a renewed sense of purpose and may be driven to confront Eren and stop his destructive actions. As Eren’s power has grown increasingly dangerous and unpredictable, Annie’s return presents an exciting twist in the plot and adds another layer of complexity to the story.

The return of Annie also marks a reunion of sorts, as she is joined by Mikasa and Levi in their pursuit of the Female Titan. Mikasa, known for her exceptional combat skills, and Levi, a skilled fighter and leader, are formidable allies who will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the upcoming confrontations with Eren and the Titans.

As fans eagerly await the next episodes of Attack on Titan, they are left with numerous questions. What will Annie do to stop Eren? Will she be able to reconcile with the Survey Corps and fight alongside them once again? How will her return impact the overall outcome of the battle against the Titans?

The return of Annie Leonhart has injected a fresh wave of excitement and anticipation into the Attack on Titan fandom. With her reappearance, the stage is set for intense battles, shocking revelations, and the ultimate climax of the series. As the story continues to unfold, fans can only speculate about the fate of their beloved characters and eagerly await the next thrilling episode of Attack on Titan.

Is Annie Still Alive AOT?

According to the latest developments in Attack on Titan, it is heavily implied that Annie is still alive. In the final scene of the show, we see Annie lying down in a pool of fluid with broken pieces of crystal surrounding her. This indicates that she has been affected by Eren’s power and has emerged from her crystallized state.

The fact that Annie is shown in this scene suggests that she has returned to the storyline and will play a significant role in the upcoming events. It raises the question of what she will do to stop Eren, who has become a major threat to humanity.

However, it is important to note that the anime has not explicitly confirmed Annie’s return or her intentions. The scene leaves room for speculation and anticipation as to how her character will contribute to the resolution of the conflict between Eren and the rest of the characters.

Annie is indeed alive in Attack on Titan, and her reappearance sets the stage for an intriguing confrontation with Eren. Fans can look forward to discovering her role and the actions she will take to counter Eren’s plans.

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Where Did Annie Go AOT?

After being defeated by Eren’s Attack Titan and the Survey Corps’ exceptional teamwork in the anime Attack on Titan (AOT), Annie decided to take evasive action by encasing herself in Titan hardening. This strategic move was done to prevent being interrogated or tortured by the Survey Corps. As a result, Annie’s crystallized body has remained in a basement, untouched and gathering dust for a considerable period of time.

To provide a comprehensive answer to the question “Where did Annie go in AOT?” it is important to emphasize that Annie’s whereabouts have been confined to this basement since her crystallization. This basement serves as a hidden location where Annie’s body has been preserved, shielded from further confrontation or investigation.

It is worth noting that Annie’s decision to encase herself in Titan hardening was a deliberate and calculated move. By transforming her body into a hardened crystal, she effectively rendered herself immobile and impervious to external threats. This action allowed her to evade interrogation and avoid revealing crucial information about her mission and the secrets she holds.

Annie’s current location in AOT is a basement where her crystallized body has been stored for an extended period. This strategic move was made to protect herself from questioning and potential torture by the Survey Corps. As the story progresses, it remains to be seen when and how Annie’s fate will be resolved.

Does Annie Leonhart Come Back?

Annie Leonhart does indeed make a long-awaited return in the most recent episode of Attack on Titan. The reappearance of Annie has generated significant interest and excitement among fans of the popular anime series. After a prolonged absence, her comeback has been highly anticipated, and fans were eager to see how her character would be reintroduced into the storyline.

In this particular episode, Annie’s return is met with great enthusiasm as it adds a new layer of intrigue and complexity to the ongoing narrative. The circumstances surrounding her reappearance are not immediately clear, leaving viewers with a sense of anticipation and curiosity about what her role will be moving forward.

The inclusion of Annie in the latest episode has sparked numerous conversations and discussions on social media platforms, with fans expressing their excitement and analyzing the implications of her return. This development has reinvigorated interest in the series, as viewers eagerly await future episodes to see how Annie’s character will further impact the storyline and interact with the other characters.

The return of Annie Leonhart in the recent episode of Attack on Titan has been met with great enthusiasm from fans and has effectively reignited the excitement surrounding the series.

Who Kills The Female Titan?

In the world of Attack on Titan, the Female Titan is ultimately killed by a combination of forces and individuals. While there are several contributors to its demise, the primary culprits responsible for the Female Titan’s defeat are Mikasa Ackerman and Levi Ackerman.

Mikasa, known for her exceptional combat skills and unwavering determination, initially engages the Female Titan in battle. With her agility and precision, she manages to land several powerful blows, inflicting significant damage on the Female Titan. However, despite her efforts, the Female Titan proves to be a formidable opponent and is able to escape Mikasa’s grasp.

Recognizing the need for additional assistance, Mikasa is soon joined by Levi Ackerman, a highly skilled and experienced soldier. Together, they form a formidable team, coordinating their attacks to maximize effectiveness. Working in tandem, Mikasa and Levi relentlessly pursue the Female Titan, exploiting its vulnerabilities and launching a series of coordinated strikes.

Their combined efforts eventually lead to the Female Titan suffering critical injuries, severely weakening it and rendering it unable to continue its escape. With the Female Titan incapacitated, Mikasa and Levi seize the opportunity to deliver a final blow, effectively killing the Female Titan and ending its threat.

It is important to note that while Mikasa and Levi play a crucial role in the Female Titan’s demise, they are not the sole contributors to its defeat. The larger context of the battle involves the efforts of other soldiers, who provide support and distraction, as well as strategic planning and coordination from the military command. However, Mikasa and Levi’s formidable combat skills and determination ultimately prove instrumental in delivering the fatal blow that leads to the Female Titan’s demise.


The return of Annie Leonhart in the recent episode of Attack on Titan has left fans ecstatic and eager to see what role she will play in stopping Eren. After being defeated by Eren’s Attack Titan and the Survey Corps’ teamwork, Annie encased herself in Titan hardening to avoid questioning or torture. Her crystallized body has been hidden away in a basement, collecting dust, until now. With her reappearance, the anticipation for the upcoming episodes has reached new heights.

Annie’s return raises several intriguing questions. How will she react to Eren’s actions and what measures will she take to stop him? Will she align herself with the remaining members of the Survey Corps or will she have her own agenda? The possibilities are endless, and fans are eagerly awaiting the answers.

The collaboration between Mikasa and Levi to wound the Female Titan showcases the exceptional teamwork showcased in Attack on Titan. As the Female Titan continues to flee, the relentless pursuit by Mikasa and Levi further adds to the excitement and tension of the series.

The return of Annie Leonhart has injected a new level of excitement into the storyline of Attack on Titan. With her reappearance, the stakes have been raised, and fans can’t wait to see how her character development unfolds and how she will contribute to the ongoing battle against Eren.

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