How do you screenshot on a Lenovo Windows 10?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

To take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10, you can use a simple keyboard shortcut. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Locate the Windows key on your keyboard. It is usually located between the left Ctrl and Alt keys and has the Windows logo on it.

2. Once you have identified the Windows key, find the PrtSc or PrtScn key (Print Screen). It is typically located in the top row of keys, above the arrow keys.

3. With the screen you want to capture visible on your Lenovo laptop, press and hold down the Windows key.

4. While holding down the Windows key, press the PrtSc key. You may need to press the Fn (Function) key along with the PrtSc key on some Lenovo models.

5. When you press the Windows key and PrtSc key simultaneously, the screen will dim for a moment, indicating that the screenshot has been taken.

6. The captured screenshot is automatically saved to the Screenshots folder in the Pictures library of your computer. To access it, open the File Explorer (you can press the Windows key + E), navigate to the Pictures folder, and then open the Screenshots folder. You should find your screenshot saved there with a file name starting with “Screenshot” followed by the date and time.

It’s worth noting that some Lenovo laptops may have additional features or software that offer alternative ways to capture screenshots. For example, you may have a dedicated “Snipping Tool” or “Lenovo Vantage” software installed that provides more advanced screenshot options. You can search for these tools in the Start menu or check your laptop’s user manual for more information.

In my personal experience, taking screenshots on a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 using the Windows key and PrtSc key combination has been quick and reliable. It’s a convenient method that doesn’t require any external software or complex steps. Whether I need to capture the entire screen or just a specific portion, this keyboard shortcut has always served me well.

To summarize, to take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10, hold down the Windows key and press the PrtSc key. The screen will momentarily dim, and the screenshot will be automatically saved in the Screenshots folder within the Pictures library of your computer.