What happen if motherboard iPhone broken?

Answered by Willian Lymon

If the motherboard of your iPhone is broken, it can cause various issues and malfunctions with your device. The motherboard is essentially the central component that controls and coordinates all the functions of your iPhone. It contains the processor, memory, and other essential circuits that allow your phone to function properly.

One common symptom of a broken motherboard is when your phone turns on, but the screen remains blank or doesn’t display anything. This can happen even if you usually feel a vibration or hear sounds indicating that the phone is turning on. The lack of display is due to the damaged motherboard not sending the necessary signals to the screen to light up and show content.

In some cases, the screen may exhibit abnormal behavior or go haywire. This could include flickering, random lines or patterns appearing on the screen, or the screen freezing or becoming unresponsive. These issues can also be caused by a faulty motherboard, as it affects the communication between the screen and the rest of the phone’s components.

Another possible consequence of a broken motherboard is the failure of certain features or functions on your iPhone. For example, the camera may not work, the audio may be distorted or not function at all, or the phone may not connect to Wi-Fi or cellular networks. These failures occur because the motherboard is responsible for controlling and coordinating these functions, and if it is damaged, they may no longer work correctly.

Moreover, a broken motherboard can lead to overall sluggish performance of your iPhone. Apps may take longer to open or respond, and the phone may freeze or lag frequently. This is because the damaged motherboard affects the processing power and memory management of the device, leading to slower and less efficient performance.

It is important to note that a broken motherboard is a serious issue and typically requires professional repair or replacement. Attempting to fix it yourself may cause further damage or void any existing warranties. It is advisable to take your iPhone to an authorized service center or contact Apple for assistance.

A broken motherboard in an iPhone can result in a range of issues, including a blank or unresponsive screen, abnormal display behavior, failure of certain features, and overall performance degradation. Seeking professional help is recommended to resolve the problem effectively and safely.