What are rare Irish names?

Answered by John Hunt

I’m happy to provide a detailed answer for your question about rare Irish names! Irish names are known for their unique and beautiful sound, and there are indeed many rare and uncommon options to choose from. Here are some examples:

1. Cliona (CLEE-uh-nah): This lovely name means “shapely” or “well-formed.” It has a soft and melodic sound, and is not as commonly heard as some other Irish names.

2. Eriu (EH-ryu): Eriu is the name of a mythical Irish goddess and is also associated with Ireland itself. It is a strong and enchanting name, but not commonly used in modern times.

3. Fianna (FEE-uh-nah): Meaning “warrior” or “soldier,” Fianna is a powerful and feminine name with a hint of Irish mythology. It has a strong and adventurous feel to it.

4. Iseult (EE-sult): This name has a timeless and romantic quality to it. Iseult is a character from Celtic mythology, known for her tragic love story with Tristan. It’s a rare and elegant choice.

5. Orla: Orla is a classic Irish name that means “golden princess.” While it’s not as common as some other traditional Irish names like Aoife or Saoirse, Orla has a timeless and regal charm.

6. Sibeal (shi-BALE): This unique name means “prophetess” or “oracle.” It has an ethereal and mysterious sound to it, making it a rare and captivating choice.

7. Tuiren (TIR-en): Tuiren is a name from Irish mythology and is associated with the story of the Children of Lir. It’s a lesser-known name that carries a sense of enchantment and folklore.

8. Art: Art is a short and simple Irish name that means “bear.” Although it may seem straightforward, it has a strong and rugged appeal. It’s not as common as other Irish names like Liam or Sean.

These are just a few examples of rare Irish names that have a unique and distinctive quality. They offer a sense of Irish heritage and mythology while being uncommon and less commonly heard. Choosing a rare Irish name can be a way to give your child a special and meaningful name that stands out from the crowd.