What does MP stand for on Mizuno golf clubs?

Answered by Robert Dupre

MP stands for Mizuno Pro on Mizuno golf clubs. Mizuno Pro is a line of golf clubs that is highly regarded and respected by both professionals and amateurs alike. The MP series is known for its exceptional craftsmanship, precision, and performance.

As a golf enthusiast myself, I have always been drawn to Mizuno’s MP irons. The attention to detail and quality that goes into each club is truly remarkable. When I first started playing golf, I was using a set of game improvement irons that were forgiving but lacked the feel and control that I desired. I decided to give the Mizuno MP irons a try, and I was instantly blown away.

The MP-20 series, which includes the MB, MMC, and HMB irons, is Mizuno’s latest offering. Each iron in the series is designed to cater to different types of players. The MP-20 MB irons are the purest of the bunch, offering a classic blade design for the most skilled and precise ball strikers. On the other hand, the MP-20 MMC irons offer a blend of forgiveness and playability, making them suitable for a wider range of players.

The newest addition to the MP-20 series is the MP-20 HMB irons. HMB stands for Hot Metal Blade, and these irons combine the best of both worlds – the forgiveness of a game improvement iron and the workability of a blade. This makes them a great option for players who want more distance and forgiveness without sacrificing control and feel.

One of the things that sets Mizuno’s MP irons apart is the Grain Flow Forged process. This technique involves heating the clubhead to a specific temperature and then forging it to create a more compact and consistent grain structure. This results in a softer feel and enhanced feedback at impact.

Another notable feature of Mizuno’s MP irons is the Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT). This technology is designed to optimize the sound and feel of each iron, giving players a more satisfying experience with every shot.

MP stands for Mizuno Pro on Mizuno golf clubs. The MP series is highly regarded for its craftsmanship, precision, and performance. Whether you’re a skilled ball striker looking for a classic blade design or a player seeking forgiveness and playability, there is an MP iron that caters to your needs. With features like Grain Flow Forged construction and Harmonic Impact Technology, Mizuno’s MP irons provide exceptional feel, control, and feedback.