How do I avoid ATM fees in Las Vegas?

Answered by John Hunt

To avoid ATM fees in Las Vegas, there are a few strategies you can try. Here are some options that have worked for me:

1. Utilize your bank’s ATM network: If you have a Wells Fargo account, you can take advantage of their partnership with certain airports and car rental centers. This means you can withdraw cash from these specific ATMs without incurring any fees. Check with your bank to see if they have similar partnerships in place.

2. Look for bank alliance schemes: Many banks are part of alliance schemes or cooperatives with other banks and retailers. This allows customers to use certain ATMs within the network without paying fees. For example, some banks are part of the Allpoint or MoneyPass networks, which have ATMs in various locations across Las Vegas. Check if your bank is part of any such alliance and find out where the fee-free ATMs are located.

3. Consider cash back in stores: Another option to get cash without fees is to make a purchase at a store using your debit card and ask for cash back. Many retailers offer this service, allowing you to withdraw a certain amount of cash at the point of sale. Keep in mind that some stores may have limits on the amount of cash back you can get, so check with the store beforehand.

4. Plan ahead and withdraw cash before arriving in Las Vegas: If possible, try to withdraw enough cash before you reach Las Vegas. This way, you can avoid the need to use ATMs and potentially incur fees. However, be mindful of carrying large amounts of cash for security reasons.

5. Use online payment apps: Online payment apps like Venmo or PayPal can be useful in situations where you need to pay someone or split a bill. Instead of withdrawing cash, you can use these apps to transfer money digitally, eliminating the need for physical cash altogether.

Remember to always check with your bank or financial institution for specific details and any potential fees that may still apply. Additionally, keep in mind that while these strategies can help you avoid ATM fees, some ATMs may still charge a fee regardless of your bank’s policies.