Can I skip Vicar Amelia?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

It is indeed possible to skip Vicar Amelia in Bloodborne and head straight to the Forbidden Woods on a fresh character. This method of skipping bosses is commonly referred to as “sequence breaking” and can be done by utilizing a shortcut that allows you to access the Forbidden Woods early in the game.

To skip Vicar Amelia, you need to first defeat Father Gascoigne, the boss in the central Yharnam area. Once you’ve defeated him, proceed through the game until you reach the Cathedral Ward area. From there, you need to open the large gate that leads to the Forbidden Woods.

To open the gate, you’ll need the Sword Hunter Badge, which can be obtained by defeating the Blood-starved Beast in Old Yharnam. Once you have the badge, return to the Cathedral Ward and head to the area where you fought the giant Church Servant. Instead of going up the stairs, take a left and enter a narrow passage that leads to a locked gate. Use the Sword Hunter Badge to open the gate and proceed through.

On the other side of the gate, you’ll find yourself in the Forbidden Woods, bypassing the need to defeat Vicar Amelia. It’s important to note that the Forbidden Woods area can be quite challenging, especially for lower-level characters, so be prepared for tough enemies and difficult encounters.

Skipping Vicar Amelia and heading straight to the Forbidden Woods can be a great way to mix up your playthrough and explore a different area of the game early on. However, it’s worth mentioning that defeating Vicar Amelia and progressing through the intended path can provide valuable resources, insight, and story progression. So, while it’s possible to skip her, it’s recommended to tackle the boss and experience the game as it was originally intended at least once.

In my personal experience, I have tried skipping Vicar Amelia on a fresh character and heading straight to the Forbidden Woods. It definitely adds a unique challenge to the game, as the enemies in the Forbidden Woods can be quite formidable. I found myself having to be extra cautious and strategic in my approach to avoid getting overwhelmed. However, it was a refreshing change of pace and allowed me to explore a different area earlier than usual.

Whether or not you choose to skip Vicar Amelia is a matter of personal preference. If you’re looking for a different experience or want to challenge yourself, skipping her can be a viable option. Just keep in mind that there are benefits to defeating her and progressing through the intended path, so it’s worth considering both options before making your decision.