What does Magnus think of Anand?

Answered by Michael Wilson

Magnus Carlsen holds Anand in the highest regard, expressing his deep respect for the Indian chess legend. Carlsen considers it a great honor to have played against Anand numerous times and even had the privilege of training with him before Anand’s World Championships.

Carlsen’s admiration for Anand extends beyond their competitive encounters. He values the opportunity to practice with someone of Anand’s caliber, recognizing the immense knowledge and experience that Anand brings to the game. The Norwegian grandmaster acknowledges Anand’s status as a seasoned player and former World Champion, which adds weight to the value he places on their interactions.

Carlsen’s appreciation for Anand can be traced back to his early years in chess. As a young player, he had the chance to learn from Anand firsthand during their training sessions. This close contact with Anand, particularly before his World Championships, left a lasting impression on Carlsen.

Carlsen’s sentiment towards Anand is marked by a deep sense of reverence and gratitude. He recognizes Anand’s contributions to the world of chess, both as a player and as a mentor. Their encounters have undoubtedly influenced Carlsen’s own growth and development as a chess player.

Carlsen’s thoughts on Anand can be summarized as profound admiration and respect. He acknowledges Anand’s skill, experience, and contributions to the game, and considers it an honor to have had the opportunity to play against him and learn from him.