What did Belushi drink?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Belushi was known for his excessive drug and alcohol use, and his drink of choice was often alcohol mixed with various substances. One of his favorite concoctions was known as the “speedball,” which is a dangerous combination of cocaine and heroin. This lethal mixture provides both the intense euphoric effects of cocaine and the sedative effects of heroin, resulting in a powerful and potentially deadly high.

In addition to speedballs, Belushi also consumed copious amounts of alcohol. It was reported that he regularly drank vodka, often straight from the bottle. His alcohol consumption was so excessive that he was known to drink up to a fifth of vodka per day. This heavy drinking, combined with his drug use, contributed to his overall decline in health and ultimately led to his untimely death.

Belushi’s addiction to drugs and alcohol was well-documented. He had a notorious reputation for partying and indulging in excessive behavior. His drug use was not limited to cocaine and heroin; he also dabbled in other substances such as marijuana and prescription drugs.

It is important to note that Belushi’s substance abuse was not limited to just one type of drink or drug. His addiction was all-encompassing, and he frequently combined different substances to intensify their effects. This reckless behavior ultimately led to his tragic demise.

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