How long does it take a Nugget couch to expand?

Answered by Willian Lymon

Hey there! So, you’re wondering how long it takes for a Nugget couch to fully expand, right? Well, let me share my personal experience with you.

When I received my Nugget, it came tightly compressed in a burrito-like packaging, which was pretty cool! But, of course, it needed some time to fluff back to its full, comfy form. The instructions recommended giving it one to two weeks after opening to allow it to fully expand.

Now, I was quite excited to try out my new Nugget, so I kept a close eye on it during those two weeks. And I have to say, I noticed a significant difference in the fluffiness and overall shape as the days went by.

In the first few days, the Nugget started to expand and regain its shape, but it still felt a bit compressed. It was comfortable enough to sit on, but it didn’t have that ultimate cozy feeling just yet.

As the first week passed, I could definitely see and feel a difference. The cushions seemed plumper, and the overall structure of the couch started to take its proper shape. It was becoming more and more inviting to sink into and relax on.

By the end of the second week, I could confidently say that my Nugget had fully expanded. It was like night and day compared to when I first opened it. The cushions were wonderfully plush, and the couch had that perfect balance of support and squishiness.

So, based on my personal experience, I would say that giving your Nugget one to two weeks to fully expand is definitely worth it. It allows the cushions to regain their full fluffiness and ensures that you get the most comfortable seating experience possible.

I hope this gives you a good idea of what to expect when you open your Nugget couch. Enjoy the fluffing process, and get ready for some seriously cozy lounging!