What did Beecher do in Oz?

Answered by Tom Adger

In Oz, Beecher went through a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. He started off as a naive and vulnerable inmate, but as time went on, he became more hardened and determined to protect himself. One of the main things Beecher did in Oz was form a complicated and tumultuous relationship with Keller.

Initially, Beecher was manipulated and taken advantage of by Keller. Keller used Beecher’s vulnerability to his advantage, and they even engaged in a sexual relationship. However, Beecher soon realized Keller’s true nature and the extent of his manipulation. This led to a deep-seated anger and desire for revenge within Beecher.

One of the most significant actions Beecher took in his quest for revenge was rejecting Keller and refusing to forgive him unless he confessed to his role in the attack that left Beecher scarred both physically and emotionally. Beecher believed that justice could only be served if Keller took responsibility for his actions.

Despite Keller eventually confessing to his role in the attack, Beecher still withheld forgiveness. He couldn’t let go of the pain and betrayal he felt. This refusal to forgive led to Beecher ambushing Keller shortly after his release from the infirmary, stabbing him in a fit of rage and seeking vengeance for all the harm Keller had caused him.

Beecher’s actions in Oz were driven by a mix of anger, revenge, and a desire for justice. He wanted to make Keller pay for the pain he had inflicted and believed that holding onto that anger was the only way to find closure. However, it also consumed him and led him down a dark path, showing the destructive power of revenge.

Throughout his time in Oz, Beecher’s actions were deeply personal and driven by his own experiences and emotions. It was a journey of self-discovery and learning to navigate the harsh realities of prison life. Beecher’s story in Oz serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of holding onto anger and seeking revenge at all costs.