What can I use instead of a tiny screwdriver?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

When faced with the situation of needing a tiny screwdriver but not having one on hand, there are several alternatives you can consider. Here are a few options:

1. Paperclip: Straighten out a paperclip and use the pointed end as a makeshift screwdriver. This can work well for small screws and delicate tasks.

2. Safety pin: Similar to a paperclip, a safety pin can be used as a temporary substitute for a tiny screwdriver. The pointed end can be used to turn the screw in a pinch.

3. Eyeglass screwdriver: If you wear glasses, you may have a small eyeglass repair kit handy. These kits often come with a tiny screwdriver specifically designed for eyeglass screws. This can be used for other small screws as well.

4. Nail file or emery board: If you have a nail file or emery board with a pointed end, it can be used as a makeshift screwdriver. The rough surface may provide enough grip to turn small screws.

5. Flathead screwdriver: While not ideal for tiny screws, a small flathead screwdriver can sometimes work as a substitute. It may be helpful to find one with a narrow blade to fit into tight spaces.

6. Tweezers: Depending on the size and type of screw, tweezers can be used to grip and turn small screws. This method may require some patience and dexterity.

7. Coin: In certain situations, a coin can be used to turn small screws. Place the edge of the coin into the screw head and apply pressure to turn it. This method may not work for screws that require a lot of torque.

It’s important to note that these alternatives may not provide the same level of precision and control as a proper tiny screwdriver. Therefore, they should be used as temporary solutions until a suitable screwdriver can be obtained.

Personal Experience: I have used a paperclip as a makeshift screwdriver when I needed to tighten a small screw on a pair of sunglasses while on vacation. It worked well enough to get the job done temporarily until I could find a proper screwdriver.