What beanie does Meghan Markle wear?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Meghan Markle has been spotted wearing the Hat Attack cashmere slouchy cuff hat, which is a stylish and cozy choice to brave the Canadian chill. This hat is made of luxurious cashmere, which adds a touch of luxury to her winter ensemble. The slouchy cuff design gives it a relaxed and fashionable look, perfect for casual or dressed-up occasions.

The Hat Attack cashmere slouchy cuff hat is available in various colors, but it seems that Meghan Markle opted for the black option. Black is a versatile and classic choice that can easily be paired with any outfit. The hat not only provides warmth and protection from the cold, but also adds a chic and trendy touch to her overall look.

While the Hat Attack cashmere slouchy cuff hat may have a higher price tag compared to average beanies, it is worth considering for its quality and style. Cashmere is known for its softness and warmth, making it a luxurious material for winter accessories. Investing in a high-quality hat like this can be a worthwhile purchase, especially if you live in a colder climate or frequently travel to winter destinations.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Hat Attack cashmere slouchy cuff hat like Meghan Markle, you can find it online. It is available on various websites, including Amazon. However, it’s worth noting that the black option may not be available on all platforms, so you may need to check different retailers to find the specific color you desire.

Meghan Markle has been seen wearing the Hat Attack cashmere slouchy cuff hat in black. This hat offers both style and warmth, thanks to its luxurious cashmere material and slouchy cuff design. While it may be more expensive than average beanies, it can be a worthwhile investment for those looking for a fashionable and cozy winter accessory.