What are the yellow birds in Western MT?

Answered by Edward Huber

The yellow birds that you can find in Western Montana are known as Western Tanagers. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these beautiful birds in person, and let me tell you, they are quite a sight to behold.

The adult male Western Tanager is a stunning bird. Its body is predominantly yellow, with black wings and a striking flaming orange-red head. The contrast between the yellow and the black is truly eye-catching. Another notable feature of the male is the two bold wingbars. The upper wingbar is yellow, while the lower one is white. These wingbars add even more visual interest to an already striking bird. To top it all off, the back and tail of the male Western Tanager are black, creating a stunning color combination.

On the other hand, the adult female Western Tanager has a more subdued appearance. Her face is adorned with a touch of red, but it is restricted to the front. The rest of her plumage is a muted yellow-green color. While not as showy as the males, the females still possess a certain beauty and elegance.

I find it fascinating how the Western Tanagers exhibit such distinct differences between the males and females. The vibrant colors of the males are thought to play a role in attracting mates and defending their territories. The more subdued plumage of the females likely serves as camouflage to protect them from predators while they incubate their eggs and care for their young.

Having seen these birds in person, I can attest to their vibrant and captivating presence. It’s truly a treat to spot a male Western Tanager with its bright yellow body, black wings, and fiery red head. Their colors seem to come alive in the sunlight, making them a joy to observe.

The yellow birds you may come across in Western Montana are the Western Tanagers. The adult males are yellow with black wings and a striking orange-red head. They also have two bold wingbars, one yellow and one white. The females have a touch of red on their faces and a more subdued yellow-green plumage. These birds are a testament to the beauty and diversity of nature, and I feel fortunate to have encountered them in the wild.