Who does Troy from Community end up with?

Answered by Robert Dupre

In the TV show Community, Troy Barnes has an unexpected turn of events after the death of his friend and fellow study group member, Pierce Hawthorne. Pierce’s will reveals that he has left over $14 million to Troy, but with a condition attached. In order to inherit the money, Troy must undertake a challenge that Pierce himself was never able to accomplish – sailing around the entire world. This revelation both shocks and horrifies Troy’s best friend, Abed.

Troy, known for his adventurous spirit and love for challenges, decides to accept Pierce’s challenge. He sees this as an opportunity to not only honor his late friend’s memory but also to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery and exploration. Troy’s decision to take on the sailing challenge showcases his growth throughout the series, as he embraces new experiences and steps out of his comfort zone.

To assist him on his voyage, Troy is joined by none other than LeVar Burton, who plays a fictionalized version of himself. LeVar Burton, known for his role as Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation, becomes Troy’s mentor and guide as they set sail around the world. This unexpected pairing adds a humorous and endearing dynamic to the storyline, as Troy navigates the challenges of sailing and explores the various cultures and landscapes they encounter.

Throughout their journey, Troy faces various obstacles and learns valuable life lessons. He develops a deep bond with LeVar Burton, who becomes more than just a mentor to him. Their shared experiences and the wisdom imparted by LeVar help Troy grow as an individual and discover his true potential.

The voyage around the world not only tests Troy’s physical endurance but also his emotional resilience. He confronts his fears, confronts his past, and learns to let go of his insecurities. The journey allows Troy to become more self-assured and confident in his abilities, ultimately transforming him into a mature and well-rounded individual.

As Troy sails around the world, he encounters breathtaking landscapes, unique cultures, and diverse communities. These experiences broaden his perspective and deepen his understanding of the world. Troy’s interactions with different people along the way teach him the value of empathy, compassion, and cultural appreciation.

While the show does not explicitly reveal who Troy ends up with romantically, his journey around the world provides ample opportunities for him to develop new relationships. Whether it be fellow sailors, locals in different countries, or even a chance encounter, Troy’s charismatic and adventurous nature attracts people to him. It is possible that Troy forms meaningful connections during his voyage, but the show leaves this aspect open-ended, allowing viewers to speculate and imagine the possibilities.

Troy Barnes from Community accepts Pierce’s challenge to sail around the world, accompanied by LeVar Burton. This unexpected adventure allows Troy to grow, learn, and discover his true potential. While the show does not provide a definitive answer about Troy’s romantic future, his journey presents numerous opportunities for him to form new connections and continue his personal growth.