Is pigfish a good bait?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

In my experience, pigfish can be an excellent bait for fishing, particularly for larger fish like sea trout. When it comes to catching pigfish, I have found that using peeled shrimp as bait has been quite effective, especially around docks and piers.

One of the reasons I find pigfish to be a great bait is because they are relatively easy to catch. They tend to gather around structures like docks and piers, making them accessible to anglers. Additionally, using peeled shrimp as bait seems to attract pigfish quite well. I’ve had success using a simple hook and line setup, with the shrimp securely hooked to entice the pigfish.

Now, it’s important to note that while pigfish can be eaten, their flesh isn’t particularly sought after for culinary purposes. However, their value lies in being live bait. Many anglers, myself included, use pigfish as bait to target larger fish such as sea trout. The pigfish’s natural movements and scent can attract these larger predatory fish, making them an enticing meal for sea trout.

When using pigfish as live bait, it’s crucial to keep them alive and healthy. I’ve found that using a live bait well or a bait bucket with aeration helps to maintain the pigfish’s liveliness and attractiveness to other fish. It’s also essential to handle them carefully to avoid injury or stress.

In terms of presentation, I prefer to use a Carolina rig when fishing with pigfish. This rig allows the pigfish to move more freely, mimicking its natural swimming motion. By adjusting the weight and leader length, I can control the depth at which the pigfish swims, increasing the chances of enticing larger fish.

My personal experience with using pigfish as bait has been quite positive. They are relatively easy to catch, especially around docks and piers using peeled shrimp. While their flesh may not be the main attraction, pigfish make excellent live bait for targeting larger fish like sea trout. By keeping them alive and using the right rig, I’ve had success in attracting and catching some impressive fish. So, if you’re looking for a reliable bait option, give pigfish a try!