Shareef O’Neal Continues to Work Hard Despite Going Undrafted

Shareef O’Neal, the son of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, had high expectations entering the 2022 NBA Draft. However, things didn’t go as planned for the 22-year-old as he went undrafted. Despite this setback, Shareef has continued to work hard to make his dream of playing in the NBA a reality.

Shareef O’Neal’s basketball journey began in high school, whre he played for both Windward School in Los Angeles and Crossroads School in Santa Monica. His impressive performances on the court earned him a scholarship to play for UCLA, where he played for two seasons before transferring to LSU.

However, Shareef’s college career was plagued by injuries. He had open-heart surgery while at UCLA in 2018, which caused him to miss his entire freshman season. Then, while at LSU, he suffered from foot injuries in both 2020 and 2021. Despite these setbacks, Shareef remained determined to pursue a career in the NBA.

Shareef declared for the 2022 NBA Draft, hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps and make a name for himself in the league. However, Shaquille O’Neal had reservations about his son’s readiness for the NBA and encouraged him to stay in school. Shareef, however, was eager to prove himself and entered the draft anyway.

Unfortunately, Shareef went undrafted, and his NBA dreams were put on hold. However, he didn’t let this setback discourage him. Instead, he signed with the NBA G League Ignite, a team designed to develop young talent for the NBA. Shareef has continued to work hard and improve his game, hoping to catch the attention of an NBA team and earn a spot on their roster.

Shareef O’Neal’s journey to the NBA has been full of ups and downs. While he didn’t get drafted in the 2022 NBA Draft, he remains determined to make his dream a reality. With hard work and determination, Shareef has the potential to become a successful NBA player and continue his family’s legacy in the league.

Will Shareef Oneal Get Drafted?

Shareef O’Neal did not get drafted in June, despite being considered a top prospect by many analysts. He participated in the Summer League with the Lakers but ultimately did not receive a contract for the NBA season.

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Who Did Shareef O Neal Get Drafted By?

Shareef O’Neal did not get drafted by any NBA team in 2022. He went undrafted after declaring for the NBA draft following his junior year at LSU. However, he did sign with the NBA G League Ignite, a team made up of young players seeking to develop their skills and eventually make it to the NBA. Shareef O’Neal will be playing for the Ignite during the 2022-2023 season.

Why Did Shareef O Neal Go Undrafted?

Shareef O’Neal went undrafted this year due to a series of medical problems that derailed his college career and affected his performance on the court. In 2018, while at UCLA, O’Neal underwent open-heart surgery, which caused him to miss the entire 2018-19 season. He then transferred to LSU, his father’s alma mater, but was plagued by foot injuries in 2020 and 2021, limiting his playing time and overll impact on the court. These health issues likely impacted his draft stock, as teams may have been hesitant to take a chance on a player with a history of significant medical concerns. As a result, O’Neal will now look to raise his profile and prove himself as a valuable player in other ways.

Why Is Shareef O Neal Not In The NBA?

Shareef O’Neal, the son of former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal, is not currently in the NBA because he has not been drafted by any team yet. Shaquille O’Neal, who is also a basketball analyst on TNT, did not want his son to enter the NBA draft because he felt that Shareef was not ready to make the league at this point. However, Shareef was eager to prove everbody wrong and wanted to enter the draft. It remains to be seen if Shareef will be drafted in the future or if he will continue to develop his skills in college basketball.


Shareef O’Neal’s journey to the NBA draft has been a tumultuous one, marked by medical setbacks and his father’s reservations about his readiness for the league. Despite going undrafted this year, O’Neal remains determined to prove himself and raise his profile as a basketball player. With his talent and resilience, he has the potential to make a mark in the NBA in the years to come. Whether he joins a team through the G League or works his way onto an NBA roster in the future, O’Neal’s story serves as a reminder of the challenges and opportunities that young athletes face as they pursue ther dreams.

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