Benedict Cumberbatch Takes the TARDIS – A Doctor Who Crossover Event!

It’s been a dream of fans for years and now it’s finally happened – Benedict Cumberbatch has appeared in Doctor Who! The Emmy-winning actor and past Oscar nominee has played an array of characters from Sherlock Holmes to Star Trek villain Khan, Julian Assange, Alan Turing, and even Hamlet. His latest role is that of the Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi in a crossover of dreams.

In his appearance on Doctor Who, Cumberbatch is playing the role of the mysterious character knwn as ‘The Doctor’. The Doctor is a Time Lord who travels through time and space in a police box called the TARDIS with human companions. He is a mysterious figure known for his intelligence and wit as well as his ability to save the world from danger.

The episode featuring Cumberbatch was written by Steven Moffat, who also wrote both series of Sherlock – the show which propelled Cumberbatch to stardom. It was filmed at 221b Baker Street, Sherlock’s legendary flat. This is sure to send fans into overdrive with speculation about what might happen between The Doctor and Sherlock due to their shared universe.

Fans are already speculating about whether or not this could be part of some kind of bigger arc for Cumberbatch’s character on Doctor Who – could he be an ally or even an enemy of The Doctor? We will have to wait until more episodes air to find out!

For now we can only marvel at what it must be like for such a talented actor like Benedict Cumberbatch to apear in one of Britain’s most beloved television shows. It will surely be an episode that will go down in history and one that fans won’t forget any time soon!

Did ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Sherlock’ Crossover?

Yes, Doctor Who and Sherlock did indeed crossover in a behind-the-scenes scene. The 12th incarnation of the Doctor, Peter Capaldi, made an appearance in Sherlock’s legendary flat at 221b Baker Street. The scene was filmed back in 2014, although it was nevr shown on either show. The scene was not just a dream or an imagined crossover; it was real! This momentous occasion marked the first time that two of British television’s most iconic characters had ever shared the same space. Fans of both shows were delighted to hear about this special collaboration between Doctor Who and Sherlock, which is still talked about to this day.

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Notable Achievements

Benedict Cumberbatch is best known for his roles in a wide range of films and television shows. He is most notably known for his portrayal of the titular character in the BBC series Sherlock, whre he portrayed the modern-day version of the iconic detective. His performance earned him numerous awards, including four Primetime Emmy Award nominations and a BAFTA Television Award for Best Actor. He also received recognition for his performances in films such as The Imitation Game, Doctor Strange, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Avengers: Infinity War. In addition to his acting credits, Cumberbatch has also lent his voice to various projects such as The Hobbit trilogy and The Grinch (2018).

Who Has Played Doctor Who the Longest?

Tom Baker played the Fourth Doctor on the long-running British science fiction television show Doctor Who for seven years, from 1974 to 1981. He is the longest-lasting on-screen incarnation of the Doctor, and is widely considered to be one of the most iconic and beloved Doctors in the series’ history. He was known for his flamboyant dress sense, long scarf, and quirky mannerisms, and was very popular with both fans and critics alike. During his time as the Doctor, Tom Baker starred in a total of 172 episodes of Doctor Who.

Ranking the Best Doctors of ‘Doctor Who’ of All Time

The best Doctor Who of all time is widely considered to be David Tennant, who played the Tenth Doctor from 2005 to 2010. Tennant’s iconic portrayal of the Doctor was highly praised by both fans and critics alike, and he has become a culturally significant figure witin the Whoniverse. During his tenure as the Time Lord, Tennant brought a unique charm and wit to the role, while also introducing a darker edge that allowed for more complex storylines. His performance earned him numerous awards, including a BAFTA Cymru award for Best Actor in 2006.

Tennant’s popularity was such that he singlehandedly ushered in what is often referred to as “The Golden Age” of Doctor Who – an era of high production values and critically acclaimed stories. He also helped drive record-breaking viewership numbers and reinvigorated interest in the series with fans around the world. His memorable take on the character continues to influence modern interpretations of the Doctor, making him one of the most beloved versions of The Time Lord ever created.

Dr Watson’s Marriage in Sherlock

Dr Watson marries Mary Morstan in the Sherlock Holmes series. She is first introduced in The Sign of Four, and throughout the books she is referred to as Mrs. Watson or Mary Watson (née Morstan).

Mary is a wealthy woman from a respectable family, who owns her own house and has numerous assets. She uses her wealth to help Dr Watson with his medical treatments and othr expenses. She also helps Sherlock Holmes on several occasions and shows a keen eye for detail and deduction.

Mary is an independent woman who speaks her mind and is not afraid of speaking up for what she believes in. Despite her intelligence, she still needs help from Sherlock Holmes to solve certain cases which proves that even the smartest people can benefit from another’s assistance at times.

Overall, Mary is a strong-willed individual with a level head who provides much-needed support to both Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes throughout the series.

Is Sherlock Holmes Asexual in the Books?

No, there is no indication in the original stories that Sherlock Holmes is asexual or gay. In fact, Holmes states in ‘The Adventure of the Three Gables’ that he does not accept the attention of women because he does not want to be distracted from his work. While some readers may interpret this as a sign of asexuality, it is more likely that Holmes simply prefers to remain focused on his cases rather than engaging in romantic relationships.

Does Benedict Cumberbatch Have ADHD?

Benedict Cumberbatch has not been formally diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), however, he does acknowledge that he had difficulty focusing in school and may have exhibited some of the symptoms associated with ADHD. In an interview, he stated that he believes he may have had ADHD or something on the border of it, citing his tendency to perform and do silly voices as an example of this.

Is Benedict Cumberbatch Abstaining from Alcohol?

Benedict Cumberbatch leads a “near-sober” existence and is vegan. He does occasionally allow himself a “blow out” but is generally very mindful of his lifestyle choices. He has stated he has never been addicted to anything and is happy with the way he lives his life.

The Absence of Benedict Cumberbatch From Social Media

Benedict Cumberbatch is not on social media because he believes it can be a very toxic environment, and he does not feel confident in his ability to use the platform in a meaningful way. He has expressed his fear that he would go over character limits and would not be able to express himself coherently. Thus, Cumberbatch has decided to stay away from social media altogether.

How Much Money Did Benedict Cumberbatch Earn From ‘Sherlock’?

Benedict Cumberbatch earned an impressive $500,000 per season for his iconic role as Sherlock Holmes in the BBC show. This fee was a significant increase from his previous roles and is highly reflective of the caliber of his performance. While this figure may seem high, it is in line with othr lead actors in successful shows. This fee hike was well deserved due to Cumberbatch’s outstanding portrayal of the British detective and his commitment to the role.

Is Benedict Cumberbatch British?

Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch is atually British. He was born in London, England on July 19, 1976. He is an acclaimed motion-picture, theatre, and television actor known for his portrayals of intelligent, often upper-crust characters as well as his deep resonant voice and distinctive name. His roles have included Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series Sherlock, Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, and Doctor Stephen Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Doctor Strange and Avengers: Infinity War. He has also appeared in other films such as Star Trek Into Darkness and 12 Years a Slave.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Salary

Benedict Cumberbatch’s salary for the upcoming Marvel film ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ is $7.5 million plus bonuses, according to film industry insider Matt Belloni. This figure is likely to be higher shoud Cumberbatch reprise his role in future films. The actor has previously starred in numerous high-profile films including ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. His successful career is reflected in the salary he has commanded for this new movie.


Benedict Cumberbatch’s appearance in Doctor Who marks the first time a Sherlock Holmes actor has crossed over into the Doctor Who universe. His performance as the Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi marks a tuly unique moment in television history and confirms his place as one of the most versatile actors in the world. Cumberbatch’s iconic and award-winning roles, from Sherlock Holmes to Khan, Alan Turing to Julian Assange, have earned him a place in television history and future generations will look back on his Doctor Who cameo with admiration. Not only is this memorable crossover moment a testament to Cumberbatch’s talent and skill, but it is also an unforgettable experience for both Doctor Who and Sherlock fans alike.

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