Serena Southerlyn Bids Farewell to Law & ORder

Serena Southerlyn is a character from the long-running TV series Law & Order. She was portrayed by actress Elisabeth Röhm and appeared in the show from 2001 to 2005. Southerlyn was introduced as an ambitious and idealistic assistant district attorney who had a strong commitment to justice.

Throughout her tenure on the show, Southerlyn’s character underwent several changes, particularly in her views about the law and her role in the criminal justice system. Initially, she was portrayed as a by-the-book prosecutor who was strict and tough on defendants. However, as the series progressed, Southerlyn began to question whether the law was always just and whether the system was fair to all defendants.

This change in Southerlyn’s character was highlighted in the episode “Ain’t No Love,” where she was reprimanded by her boss, Jack McCoy, for being too sympathetic to a defendant. McCoy, who was the district attorney, felt that Southerlyn’s emotions were getting in the way of her ability to look at the facts objectively.

Despite her boss’s criticism, Southerlyn continued to be more empathetic to the defendants she prosecuted and often questioned the tactics used by the police and other prosecutors in ther cases. Her growing skepticism about the criminal justice system ultimately led to her dismissal by McCoy’s successor, Arthur Branch.

Southerlyn’s departure from Law & Order was controversial, with many fans of the show feeling that her dismissal was unjustified. Critics argued that her character had been poorly handled in terms of both story continuity and character development.

Despite the controversy surrounding her exit from the show, Southerlyn remains a beloved character among Law & Order fans. Her commitment to justice and her willingness to question the system make her a compelling and complex figure in the world of legal dramas.

Why Did Serena Southerlyn Leave Law & Order?

Serena Southerlyn left Law & Order because she was dismissed by District Attorney Arthur Branch. Branch believed that Southerlyn’s emotions got in the way of her ability to objectively look at the facts of a case, and that she was too sympathetic towards defendants. This led to her departure from the show.

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Is Elisabeth Rohm Still Acting?

Elisabeth Rohm is still acting. She has been active in the entertainment industry since 1997 and has appeared in numerous television shows and movies. Her most recent roles include a recurring character on the series “The Oath” and a guest appearance on “MacGyver” in 2020. Rohm continues to work in the industry and has several projects in development.

What Happened To Sutherland On Law And Order?

On the television show Law and Order, the character Serena Southerlyn was dismissed from her position as an Assistant District Attorney by her boss, District Attorney Jack McCoy. McCoy dismissed her because he believed that Southerlyn was too sympathetic to the defendants in the cases they were prosecuting. This decision was controversial among both critics and viewers of the show, as many felt that the dismissal was poorly handled and did not make sense in terms of Southerlyn’s character development up to that point in the series. Some speculated that the decision to dismiss Southerlyn may have been influenced by behind-the-scenes factors, such as conflicts between the actress who played Southerlyn and the show’s producers. Regardless of the reasons behind it, Southerlyn’s dismissal remains a memorable and controversial moment in the history of Law and Order.


Serena Southerlyn was a complex character on Law & Order who brought a refreshing perspective to the show. As an ambitious and intelligent ADA, she was not afraid to question the status quo and challenge the traditional beliefs of her colleagues. However, her departure from the show was abrupt and poorly handled, leaving many viewers with a sense of dissatisfaction. Despite this, Southerlyn’s character remains memorable for her strong convictions and unwavering dedication to justice.

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