Quinn’s Shocking Fate on Scandal

Quinn Perkins, played by Katie Lowes, is a character from the popular TV show Scandal. Quinn’s character arc is one of the most interesting and complex in the show’s seven-season run.

In the beginning, Quinn was introduced as a young lawyer who was seeking to work for Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her crisis management firm. However, it was latr revealed that Quinn’s real name was Lindsay Dwyer, and she had a dark past that involved being framed for a terrorist attack. This revelation set the stage for Quinn’s transformation from a naive young lawyer into a tough, capable member of Olivia’s team.

As the show progressed, Quinn became more and more central to the plot. She was involved in several major storylines, including her kidnapping by Rowan (Joe Morton) and her subsequent pregnancy and engagement to Charlie (George Newbern). Quinn’s character development was also closely tied to her relationships with other characters, particularly Olivia and Huck (Guillermo Diaz).

One of the most memorable moments in Scandal’s history was the mid-season finale of season seven, which revealed that Quinn had been killed. However, it was later revealed that Quinn had faked her death in order to escape from Rowan. This twist was a testament to Quinn’s resilience and resourcefulness, and it added another layer of complexity to her character.

Quinn Perkins was a fascinating character whose journey from naive young lawyer to tough crisis manager was one of the most compelling storylines in Scandal. Her relationships with other characters and her ability to adapt to difficult situations made her a fan favorite, and her final twist cemented her legacy as one of the show’s most memorable characters.

Why Did They Kill Quinn In Scandal?

Quinn was not actually killed in Scandal. Rowan only pretended to kill her in order to obtain his freedom. The reason behind this was that he had planned to have her for a few hours, using Quinn as currency to get his freedom. However, when Olivia called his bluff, Rowan had no choice but to pretend to kill Quinn. This was all part of his plan to manipulate Olivia and gain his freedom. Ultimately, Quinn was not actually killed and her fate was left ambiguous until later in the series.

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What Happens To Quinn In Scandal?

In the TV show Scandal, Quinn’s fate is revealed after a hiatus. It was unexpectedly heartbreaking to find out that Rowan had killed Quinn while holding her hostage. This happened because Olivia did not take Rowan’s bait. It can be inferred that Quinn’s character was killed off the show.

Was Quinn Murdered On Scandal?

Quinn Perkins was not murdered on Scandal. The character was believed to have been shot and killed by Rowan, but it was later revealed that she was still alive. In an emotional episode titled “Robin,” viewers were shown flashbacks of Quinn’s growth and development over the past seven years. Actress Katie Lowes, who played Quinn, expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to explore Quinn’s character in such depth.

What Is Quinn’s Real Identity On Scandal?

On the TV show Scandal, Quinn’s real identity is revealed to be Lindsay Dwyer. When she discovers a dead body, she contacts Olivia, who decides to clean up the crime scene. Later, when Quinn is taken to the police station, David Rosen runs her fingerprints and discovers her past life as Lindsay Dwyer. This revelation leads to a series of events in the show, including the uncovering of Quinn’s past and her involvement with Olivia and her team.


Quinn Perkins’ character on Scandal is one of the most complex and dynamic on the show. Her journey from beig an innocent young woman named Lindsay Dwyer to becoming a fierce and loyal member of Olivia Pope’s team has been a rollercoaster ride for viewers. The recent revelation that she was not killed by Rowan, but instead held captive for months, adds another layer to her story. Her growth and transformation over the years have been impressive, and her strength and determination in the face of adversity serve as an inspiration to many. Kerry Lowes’ portrayal of Quinn has been nothing short of exceptional, and her performance in the recent episode, “Robin,” where she discovers the truth about her captivity, was particularly moving. Quinn Perkins is a character that will be remembered for years to come and a testament to the power of resilience and perseverance.

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