How do you link 2 PS4 accounts?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

To link two PS4 accounts, you need to access the account management settings on your console. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Turn on your PS4 and log in to the account you want to link with another account.

2. From the home screen, scroll all the way to the right until you reach the “Settings” icon. It looks like a toolbox.

3. Select “Settings” and scroll down to find “Account Management.” It should be the second option from the top.

4. Click on “Account Management” and then select “Link with Other Services.”

5. On the next screen, you will see a list of services that can be linked with your PS4 account. These services may include social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as streaming services like Twitch and YouTube.

6. Choose the service you want to link with your PS4 account. For example, if you want to link your Twitch account, click on “Twitch.”

7. Follow the on-screen instructions to log in to the service and authorize the link between your PS4 account and the selected service. This process may vary depending on the service you are linking.

8. Once you have successfully linked the accounts, you will receive a confirmation message. You can now enjoy the benefits of having your PS4 account connected to the selected service.

Now, let’s talk about unlinking accounts. If you want to unlink a service from your PS4 account, the process is quite similar. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Follow steps 1 to 4 mentioned above to access the “Link with Other Services” section in your account settings.

2. Scroll through the list of linked services and select the one you want to unlink. For example, if you want to unlink your Twitch account, click on “Twitch.”

3. On the next screen, you will see an option to “Unlink” or “Disconnect” the selected service from your PS4 account. Select this option.

4. Confirm your decision to unlink the accounts when prompted.

5. Once you have successfully unlinked the service, you will receive a confirmation message. The selected service will no longer be connected to your PS4 account.

It’s important to note that not all services can be unlinked from your PS4 account. Some services may require you to access your account settings on their respective platforms to disconnect the link.

Linking and unlinking accounts on your PS4 is a straightforward process that can be done through the account management settings. Just follow the steps mentioned above, and you’ll be able to connect or disconnect various services with ease.