The Dilemma of Randall’s Death in “The Walking Dead”

Randall was a character in the popular TV series, The Walking Dead. He was introduced in season two as a prisoner that Rick and his group had taken in. He was a member of a rival group and was captured during a supply run.

Shane, one of the main characters, had a deep hatred for Randall and believed he posed a threat to their group. In the episode “Better Angels,” Shane took matters into his own hands and killed Randall by breaking his neck. He used this as an opportunity to lure Rick into the woods and attempt to kill him as well.

Randall’s death was a controversial moment in the show, as it highlighted the moral ambiguity of survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Shane believed that Randall was a threat and needed to be eliminated, while Rick believed in preserving human life and giving Randall a chance to integrate into their group.

After Randall’s death, he became a walker and was later killed by Glenn after he attacked him and Daryl. This highlights the danger of walkers and the importance of eliminating them quickly and efficiently.

In the game, The Walking Dead: Michonne, Randall is also a character. In this game, Michonne encounters him during a supply run and he becomes a bargaining chip for her to exchange for her friends’ safety. However, if the player chooses to spare him, he later attacks Michonne and is killed by her.

Randall’s character in The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: Michonne highlights the difficult decisions that are oten faced in a post-apocalyptic world. His fate serves as a reminder of the dangers of the undead and the importance of making tough decisions for the greater good.

Why Does Shane Kill Randall?

Shane kills Randall because he sees him as a threat to the group’s safety. Randall knows the location of their camp and has revealed that his group is much larger and better equipped than Rick’s group. Shane believes that Randall will lead his group to attack them, putting everyone at risk. Additionally, Shane has become increasingly unstable and paranoid, seeing Rick as a weak leader and feeling that he himself would be better suited to lead the group. Killing Randall givs Shane an opportunity to manipulate the situation and try to take control. He shows little guilt or remorse for his actions, as he sees them as necessary for the survival of the group.

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How Did Randall Become A Walker?

Randall became a walker after being killed by Shane Walsh in the woods. Shane led him out there with the intention of killing him, and snapped his neck, causing his death. As a result of this, Randall reanimated as a walker. He was later discovered by Glenn and Daryl while they were out on a search mission. Randall attacked them, prompting Glenn to kill him in self-defense.

Was Shane Right About Randall?

Shane was right about killing Randall. Despite using him to lure Rick into a trap, Shane understood the danger that Randall posed to the group. If Rick had let him go, Randall would have likely returned with his group and attacked the farm, putting everyone’s lives in danger. Additionally, Randall had already proven to be a threat by attempting to rape and kill members of the group. Therefore, while Shane’s methods may have been questionable, his decision to kill Randall was ultimately the right one for the safety of the group.

What Happens If I Spare Randall?

If the player chooses to spare Randall in Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: Michonne, he will be taken back to the boat where he was beig held captive. In the next episode, Norma will contact Michonne and offer to trade her crew for Randall’s return. If Michonne agrees to the trade, Norma will release Randall and return her crew. However, during the exchange, Randall will attack Michonne as soon as he is untied. The player will need to succeed at a QTE prompt to shoot Randall in the head and kill him. If the player fails the QTE prompt, Randall will overpower Michonne and attempt to take her captive again.


Randall was a character in The Walking Dead who met a gruesome end. He was killed by Shane, who showed no remorse for his actions. Randall’s death later led to him turning into a walker and attacking Glenn and Daryl, resulting in his ultimate demise. While Shane’s decision to kill Randall may have been controversial, it ultimately proved to be the right one, as it prevented him from potentially jeopardizing the safety of the group. Randall’s character added to the complexity of the show and highlighted the harsh realities of living in a post-apocalyptic world.

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