Is xQc good at chess?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

XQc’s improvement in chess over the past few months is quite impressive. His rapid rating on has steadily risen from under 900 at the start of the first PogChamps to now being over 1200. This indicates a significant progression in his chess skills and understanding of the game.

It’s important to note that a rapid rating of 1200 is still considered relatively low in the grand scheme of chess ratings. However, it is crucial to recognize the progress xQc has made, especially considering his starting point and the limited time he has dedicated to learning and playing chess.

XQc’s determination and dedication to improving his chess game have been evident throughout the PogChamps tournaments. He has embraced the opportunity to learn from experienced coaches and players, demonstrating a genuine interest in bettering himself in the game. This willingness to learn and adapt is a crucial aspect of becoming a stronger chess player.

While his rating is not among the highest in the PogChamps 3 field, it is still quite commendable considering the competitive nature of the tournament and the strong opponents he will face. It’s worth mentioning that chess ratings can fluctuate, and a single rating does not fully capture a player’s true abilities. However, xQc’s consistent improvement in rating suggests that he has been putting in the effort to develop his chess skills.

In terms of evaluating xQc’s overall skill level, it’s essential to consider the context in which he is playing. The PogChamps tournaments are primarily focused on entertaining viewers and showcasing personalities rather than showcasing elite chess players. While it is undoubtedly entertaining to see xQc’s progress, it is important to separate his performance in these tournaments from the performance of professional chess players.

XQc’s improvement in chess and his current rapid rating of over 1200 is a testament to his dedication and hard work. While he may not be considered a top-tier chess player, his progress is evident, and he continues to challenge himself by participating in competitive events. As he continues to learn and gain experience, it will be interesting to see how far he can go in his chess journey.