What is a 5 letter word with Oy?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

One example of a 5-letter word that ends with “oy” is “savoy.” Savoy is a type of cabbage that has crinkled leaves and is commonly used in various culinary dishes. It is known for its mild flavor and versatility in cooking.

Another 5-letter word ending with “oy” is “sepoy.” A sepoy refers to an Indian soldier who served in the British Indian Army during the colonial era. Sepoys played a significant role in various historical events, such as the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

“Poboy” is yet another 5-letter word that ends with “oy.” It is a type of sandwich that originated in Louisiana, particularly in New Orleans. Poboys are typically filled with various ingredients such as roast beef, fried seafood, or sausage, and are served on a baguette-like bread.

“Alloy” is another example of a 5-letter word ending with “oy.” An alloy refers to a mixture of two or more metals, or a metal combined with other elements, resulting in a material with enhanced properties compared to its constituent elements. Alloys are widely used in various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, and construction.

Lastly, “stroy” is a 5-letter word ending with “oy.” It is a verb that means to destroy or demolish completely. This word is often used in the context of buildings or structures being torn down or ruined.

These examples demonstrate the diverse range of meanings and contexts in which 5-letter words ending with “oy” can be used.