Is Frank Sheehan mare’s son?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Frank Sheehan is not Mare’s son. He is Mare’s ex-husband and the father of their daughter, Siobhan. Although Mare accused Frank of fathering Erin’s child in episode three of the show, it was later revealed that he was not the father.

Frank is portrayed as a character who lives next door to Mare and is engaged to Faye. He is shown to have a complicated relationship with Mare, as they share a history of marriage and raising their daughter together. Despite their separation, they still have a connection and are involved in each other’s lives.

In the show, Mare accuses Frank of having an affair with Erin, a young woman who was found dead in the town. She suspects that Frank could be the father of Erin’s child, which adds another layer of complexity to the investigation. However, Frank denies these accusations and agrees to a paternity test to prove his innocence.

It is important to note that Mare’s accusation against Frank is based on her own suspicions and not on concrete evidence. While their relationship may be strained, it is unclear whether their history would lead Mare to falsely accuse Frank of such a serious allegation.

As viewers, we are left to speculate about the true nature of Frank’s involvement with Erin and the paternity of her child. The show keeps us guessing, adding to the mystery and suspense surrounding the case.

Frank Sheehan is not Mare’s son but her ex-husband and the father of Siobhan. Mare accuses him of fathering Erin’s child, but it is yet to be determined if these allegations are true or not. The show leaves us with unanswered questions, keeping us intrigued and invested in the unfolding story.