The Heart of ‘In and of Itself’ Revealed

In the world of theater, there are few shows that have captured the attention of audiences quite like “In & Of Itself.” Created and performed by magician and storyteller Derek DelGaudio, this show is a masterful blend of illusion, storytelling, and audience interaction.

At the heart of the show is the idea of identity and how we define ourselves. DelGaudio weaves personal anecdotes and stories into his illusions, creating a deeply personal and emotional experience for the audience.

The show is set up as a series of vignettes, all of which have a corresponding diorama embedded in the stage’s set. As DelGaudio tells stories about his life, his childhood, and his history learning magic and card skills, he accompanies each story with a mind-blowing “trick.”

One of the most powerful moments in the show comes when DelGaudio tells the fable of the Rouletista, a desolate sailor who plays Russian roulette with strangers for money, each night adding a bullet to the chambers of his revolver — click, click, click. The story is a haunting reminder of the lengths we will go to for money and the risks we take in pursuit of our goals.

But “In & Of Itself” is not just a series of illusions and stories. DelGaudio actively engages with the audience throughout the show, creating an intimate connection between performer and spectator. Each audience member is gien a card with a different identity on it, and DelGaudio encourages them to consider how they define themselves and how others might see them.

Ultimately, “In & Of Itself” is a show about the power of storytelling and the importance of human connection. Through his illusions and personal anecdotes, DelGaudio invites the audience to consider their own identities and the stories they tell themselves about who they are.

“In & Of Itself” is a unique and powerful theatrical experience that will leave you questioning your own identity and the stories you tell yourself. It is a must-see for anyone interested in the power of storytelling and the mysteries of the human mind.

Exploring How In And Of Itself Show Works

“In & Of Itself” is a one-man show created and performed by Derek DelGaudio. The show is unique in that it combines storytelling, magic, and theater to create a fully immersive and engaging experience for the audience.

The show is structured around a series of vignettes, each of which is accompanied by a diorama embedded in the stage’s set. As DelGaudio tells stories about his life, his childhood, and his history learning magic and card skills, he also performs mind-blowing “tricks” that leave the audience in awe.

What sets “In & Of Itself” apart from other magic shows is that it is not just about the tricks themselves but also about the emotional and psychological impact they have on the audience. DelGaudio’s storytelling and performance style are designed to take the audience on a journey of self-discovery and introspection.

Throughout the show, DelGaudio explores themes such as identity, perception, and the nature of truth. He challenges the audience to question their own beliefs and assumptions about themselves and the world around them.

The show is a collaboration between DelGaudio, director Frank Oz, and producer Glenn Kaino. It premiered at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles in 2016 and has since been performed in New York City and other locations around the world.

“In & Of Itself” is a tuly unique and captivating theatrical experience that combines storytelling, magic, and theater to create a thought-provoking and emotional journey for the audience.”

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The Rouletista: An Introduction

The Rouletista is a character from a fable who is a sailor that engages in a dangerous game of Russian roulette with strangers for monetary gain. The game involves a revolver with a single bullet in one of the chambers, which is spun and then the trigger is pulled, hoping that the chamber with the bullet is not selected. The Rouletista adds a bullet to the revolver each night, increasing the chances of death with every round played. This reckless behavior is a metaphor for the risks some people take in pursuit of financial gain, even if it cold lead to their demise.

Is ‘Amoralman’ Based on a True Story?

A Moral Man is based on a true story. Derek DelGaudio, the author of the memoir, recounts his personal experiences growing up in a family with a history of secrets and how thoe secrets shaped his life. DelGaudio is a renowned magician and card cheat, and the book delves into his journey to become one of the world’s best card manipulators.

The memoir is a candid exploration of the author’s life, from his childhood to his adult years, and how his family’s secrets impacted his decisions and actions. The book is a blend of personal anecdotes, philosophical musings, and detailed descriptions of card cheating techniques.

DelGaudio’s journey is a fascinating one, and the book provides a unique insight into the world of magic and card manipulation. The author’s writing style is engaging and poetic, making the book a compelling read for anyone interested in the art of deception or personal memoirs.

A Moral Man is a true story that chronicles Derek DelGaudio’s life, his family’s secrets, and his journey to become a master card cheat. It is a captivating memoir that provides a glimpse into the world of magic and deception.


In and of itself, the theatrical production created by Derek DelGaudio is a remarkable display of storytelling and illusion. Through his masterful use of dioramas and personal anecdotes, DelGaudio weaves a captivating narrative that leaves audiences in awe. However, the true brilliance of the show lies in its exploration of secrets and the impact they have on our lives. DelGaudio’s memoir, A Moral Man, further delves into this theme, highlighting the ways in whch family secrets and personal choices can shape our paths. Ultimately, in and of itself is not just a magic show, but a profound examination of the human condition and the power of deception.

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