How do you get notified when someone calls you on call waiting?

Answered by Tom Adger

To get notified when someone calls you on call waiting, you will need to enable the call waiting function on your Android 9.0 device. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Open the Phone app on your Android device. You can typically find it on your home screen or in the app drawer.

2. Once the Phone app is open, look for the menu button. This is usually represented by three vertical dots located either at the top right or bottom right corner of the screen, depending on your device’s interface. Tap on the menu button.

3. From the menu options that appear, select “Settings”. This will open the Phone settings menu.

4. In the Phone settings menu, look for the “Calls” option and tap on it. This will open additional settings related to phone calls.

5. Within the Calls settings, you should see an option called “Additional settings”. Tap on it to access extra call-related settings.

6. Now, look for the “Call waiting” option. It is usually represented by a switch or toggle button. Tap on the switch to enable the call waiting function. When the switch turns blue or indicates that it is on, it means call waiting is now enabled.

Once you have enabled call waiting, you will be notified when someone calls you while you are already on a call. This notification can come in various forms depending on your device’s settings. Common methods of notification include a beep or tone, a pop-up message on the screen, or a vibration.

When you receive a call while on another call, you can choose to ignore the incoming call and continue your current call, or you can put the current call on hold and answer the new call. The exact options and actions may vary slightly depending on your device and the phone app you are using.

It’s important to note that call waiting may be subject to your carrier’s network and service availability. Additionally, some carriers may charge for call waiting as a separate service, so it’s recommended to check with your carrier for any specific details or limitations.

In my personal experience, call waiting has been a helpful feature as it allows me to stay connected and not miss important calls while I am already on a call. It’s particularly useful in situations where you might be expecting an important call and don’t want to miss it even if you are engaged in another conversation.

Enabling call waiting on your Android 9.0 device ensures that you are notified and have the option to manage incoming calls effectively, enhancing your communication experience.