How much is Xbox Game Pass yearly?

Answered by James Kissner

The Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that allows you to access a vast library of games for a fixed monthly fee. If you choose to subscribe on a monthly basis, it will cost you $10 per month. However, if you opt for an annual subscription, the cost is reduced to $60 per year. This means that by committing to a year-long subscription, you can save $20 compared to paying on a monthly basis.

It’s important to note that the Xbox Game Pass subscription provides access to over 100 games that you can download and play on your PC or console. This includes a wide range of titles from various genres, ensuring there is something for everyone. From popular AAA releases to indie gems, the Game Pass library offers a diverse selection of games to suit different preferences.

However, it’s worth mentioning that while the Xbox Game Pass grants you access to these games, you will still require a separate Xbox Live Gold membership to play most Xbox games online. The Xbox Live Gold membership is necessary for multiplayer gaming and accessing certain online features. This membership generally costs $10 per month, the same as a monthly Game Pass subscription.

The Xbox Game Pass yearly subscription costs $60, providing you with access to a large library of games for a full year. This is a cost-effective option compared to paying $10 per month, as you can save $20 over the course of the year. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you will still need to have an Xbox Live Gold membership if you want to play Xbox games online.